Jimmy Eat World’s "Damage" is Raw and Real – Album Review

Can a 30 plus year old be Emo? I’m not talking about the boys in Jimmy Eat World, I’m talking about myself. Jimmy Eat World’s new album "Damage" has been described by front man Jim Adkins as an adult break up record. I’m an adult, I haven’t broken up with anybody as of late, but I’ve certainly felt the pain, frustration, sadness and regret in the lyrics as an adult. Listening to "Damage" brought those feeling back out.

This album got me wondering about an artist’s lyrical approach. I wonder if these lyrics come from a place of truth or it’s just Jim telling a story about heart break. Either way Adkins was effective with "Damage." I’ve listened to the album three times beginning to end now and with each listen I’ve liked the album more. Jimmy Eat World has never mad e the same album twice, so it’s hard to compare this album to a previous effort. The album is kind of an extension of the song "Heart is Hard to Find" off of "Invented."

Musically it’s not a very heavy album, a lot of the songs feature an acoustic guitar. The album was recorded using old school equipment, leaving the album with this raw and very real sound. In other words it’s not perfected with computers and software, it sounds like they just walked into a room, plugged in, played (played very well) and left. I love the fact that anybody can make music now and make it perfect using their computers, but to have an established band to go back and use the proper equipment is refreshing and inspiring.

I definitely recommend picking up "Damage" by Jimmy Eat World. If you’re a Jimmy Eat World fan, odds are one of the things you love about them is that they refuse to repeat themselves and "Damage" will not disappoint you in that aspect. If you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband then pick this up, grab a box of tissues and mourn with the record. Otherwise pick it up because there are some great songs on here. I get free copies of the music I review…I went out and actually bought this one.

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Tim T said...

Such a cool band, and very good live too!