Bringing new life to the already young and diverse artist roster, Datsik continues to unearth new and raw talent for his imprint. With the ability of producing complex structures with innovative techniques, his label FIREPOWER RECORDS introduces Synchronice with the four-track Countdown EP, out June 18.

Synchronice are brothers James and Will Saulsky. Hailing from New Jersey, the duo's infiltration of the American electronic movement is in its prime stage. Having racked up mutual respect amongst the EDM and dubstep elite for their electrifying productions, Synchronice's latest work affirms their arrival on the scene as a long-awaited upheaval.

We are launched into the Countdown EP by the title track; with its bright piano riffs, swelling synths and crisp drums, it builds to a great height before crashing down in a tangle of juddering bass licks and diving synths. This flows through to track two, "The Sentence," which keeps things dark. Led by the ominous vocal proclaiming "The sentence is death," booming drums and cascades of ascending midrange drive the track forward.

In tune with the cinematic textures that have preceded it, track three, "This & That," encapsulates this mood while once again delivering something different. Here the sharp synth work and mangled bass are channeled into a glitch, funk-driven bounce. The Countdown EP is then completed by a remix of "Machete," taken from label head DATSIK's Cold Blooded EP. Staying true to the vibe of the original, Synchronice inject it with some of their trademark bounce.
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