Max Collins, founding singer/bassist/songwriter for platinum selling alternative rock band Eve 6, has premiered a new song, "World On Fire," from his upcoming album, Honey From the Ice Box, today at Billboard.com.  Collins launched a PledgeMusic campaign in May to raise funds for his first solo album of his career, Honey From the Ice Box, which is expected out later this year.

Stream "World On Fire" now at Billboard.com: http://bit.ly/14Wy5QW
Help fund Honey From the Ice Box now at PledgeMusic.com: http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/maxcollins
After fifteen years of touring the world and releasing four successful albums with Eve 6, Max Collins is venturing out on his own for the first time in his career with Honey From the Ice Box.  Following back-to-back Eve 6 tours over the course of 8 months, Collins, in a burst of creativity, wrote an album's worth of songs in January.
"Every morning I would make a cup of dangerously strong coffee and pick up my guitar and these songs came to me like little belated Christmas presents," Collins says.  "I don't know if it was the threat of imminent parenthood (my first will be born in early July) or what but it was kind of like a switch flipped.  Somewhere in the process I thought, "I need to be completely creatively honest, uncompromising and selfish and I need to work really hard."  
Collins' role as the primary songwriter and lyricist of Eve 6 provided him with a creative outlet for years, but it's always been a collective effort.  With Honey From the Ice Box, he's finally able to open up with a project that's his entirely his own vision.
"People are often surprised when I talk about my influences, from Crowded House to The Lemonheads to Steve Earle. It was clear to me that now was the time to step up and make the record I'd always wanted to make.  I called my long time buddy Brian Young from Fountains of Wayne and The Jesus and Mary Chain and asked if he'd record some drums for me. I sent him voice memo demos for 10 songs and we blocked out 2 days at Estudio in East L.A. and finished the drums on all 10 songs as well as a good amount of live vocals that we ended up using.  By the end of February the entire record was tracked."
Rather than go the traditional label route, Collins decided to launch a PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds for the new album, offering fans unique exclusives like signed vinyl, guitar lessons, rehearsal hangouts, signed guitars, a private record release party, acoustic house shows, matching tattoos and even a date with Collins to Medieval Times.
"I'd like for this to be the beginning of a solo career that is characterized by good songs and consistent effort."

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