Eve 6 Front Man, Max Collins, Talks Music, New Album and PledgeMusic. - Interview

Eve 6 front man, Max Collins, is set to release his first ever solo album titled “Honey From The Icebox.” The album will drop later this year. To help fund the project, Collins tapped into the vast listenership of Eve 6 by hitting up the pledge platform PledgeMusic. He recently called in to talk about the album, as well as the future of Eve 6.

Q – You’re known for your band, Eve 6. You’re now venturing solo. What made you decide to record a solo album?

A – Well, I spent the better part of last year touring with Eve 6. When I got home in January I just had this compulsion to write every day. I don't know if my wife's pregnancy and my imminent fatherhood had something to do with it but I felt the need to be artistically uncompromising and selfish. With the songs came a pretty clear vision of how I wanted the record to sound and I had to see it through.

Q – What challenges are there in regard to the writing/recording process and essentially doing everything for yourself versus having to think about what is best for the band?

A - I really went by feel for this entire process. Not having a band to soundboard off of I just had to trust myself and make the choices that moved me. With that came more risk but also more gratification.

Q - What can fans expect from the solo album that may not be prevalent on previous Eve 6 albums?

A - People might be a bit surprised by the sound of the record. My influences are definitely more on display than on anything Eve 6 has ever done. Think Tom Petty, The Lemonheads, The Dandy Warhols as opposed to Green Day.

Q – You’re hitting up PledgeMusic (http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/maxcollins) to help fund the album. How did this decision come about and how did you come up with prizing?

A - I was introduced to the people at PledgeMusic by Brian Malouf, who signed Eve 6 to RCA back in the day and also mixed “Honey From The Icebox.” It just sounded like a breath of fresh air. I didn't have to wait around for anybody. I could go directly to my audience and offer them strange and wonderful treats and in turn get the record financed. With regard to the prizing my philosophy was if we're gonna do this let’s make it intimate and bizarre and entertaining. Hence the matching tats and the trip to Medieval Times.

Q – You’ve (Eve 6) been around since the mid-nineties. With the implementation of iTunes, digital downloads and social media sites, how do you market your music differently than years past?

A - I feel this PledgeMusic model is a great example of the kind of ingenuity that's born of failure and uncertainty. Sure there are negatives to the digital revolution but there's also a lot of creativity that's come out of it. Social media is an incredibly powerful thing for artists. There's no longer any barrier between us and our listenership.

Q – Adding to the social media explosion and the availability of digital downloads, do you think the music industry, in its current state, is set up for bands to succeed more today than before?

A - I don't know. I definitely feel like it levels the playing field. You no longer need hundreds of thousands of dollars to make and release a record. Anyone can do it.

Q – What does the future of Eve 6 hold with the release of the solo album? Anything new in the works?

A – Eve 6 is still playing shows but I'm putting my creative energy into my solo career right now. I'm a big Mike Doughty fan and I really admire the way he's been able to forge a career as a solo artist post Soul Coughing. I'd like to be able to put out records with similar consistency.


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