Decibel Magazine Debuts "Extremely Extreme Podcast!"

Decibel Magazine is (more or less) proud to bring you its first "Extremely Extreme Podcast!" Enjoy the intro music, courtesy of GWAR's Oderus Urungus, stay for the expletive-ridden banter between Editor in Chief Albert Mudrian and Managing Editor Andrew Bonazelli, who preview the August issue. Check out the debut episode HERE.

Managing Editor Andrew Bonazelli let people know what to expect from the podcast:

"The Extremely Extreme Podcast is a rare opportunity for Decibel aficionados to hear me inelegantly pick the editor-in-chief's brain about the music and magazine they love, and for us both to fawningly interview people who rip way harder at their respective jobs.

Lead throat thing of GWAR Oderus Urungus spoke about the theme song GWAR provided:

"We were delighted to discover that Decibel liked the theme music we provided for their new podcast, which we recorded at our brand-new, completely awesome SLAVE-PIT STUDIOS, especially Balsac, since he had to play every instrument because the band was at practice. And that's not even me singing, it's a trained penguin. According to Sleazy P., this may lead to most of the band and myself being replaced by radioactive penguins. Thanks a lot Decibel!

New episodes will be added monthly.
Bob Zerull
Managing Editor/Contributor for Zoiks! Online
Owner of ZPNetwork - A Podcasting Network


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