Combine Tim Burton With Dr. Seuss and You’ll Get "Till Death... A Guide to Love and Loss." – Book Review

"Till Death... A Guide to Love and Loss" is a new picture book from New Years Day singer Ash Costello and rock photographer Jeremy Saffer. From the beginning, readers are drawn visually to it like a train wreck. The only difference is, in the book, you actually want to see blood and guts and maybe a dead person.

Lucky for me, all of those actually do come true.

The story is simple: A boy (Kriz DK of Genitorturers and Deadstar Assembly) tries to win a girl's (Ash) affection and will do so at any cost, despite the girl's blatant attempts to torture him in any and every way.

The book is told as if Tim Burton bought the rights to Dr. Seuss for one project - little anecdotes of everything horror and disgusting. The pictures are fascinating and the quips are clever in nature, with the foundation of the story originating from Costello's Twitter feed.

I talked to Ash about the book and she gave me a brief history of it. You can read the interview here:

"Till Death... A Guide to Love and Loss" is a must have for fans of the band, horror movies and for those who deep down have a weird fascination with blood and guts. If anything, the project is unique and makes for good coffee table conversation.

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