A Tougher, Edgier NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE Unveils New Lyric Video for ‘Common Gold’

The time has come! The Common Gold EP by Florida post-hardcore outfit NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE is set to hit stores on July 9, 2013! Fans can pre-order the EP now for just $1 at http://www.thecommongold.com and can watch a lyric video for the single 'Common Gold' at http://youtu.be/ELqOllrUnZ0.

The Common Gold EP was recorded and produced by James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Paramore, Go Radio, Further Seems Forever) and is the first release featuring new vocalist Danny Garry and guitarist Scott Vallina. They join NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE founding members Randy Ayers (drums) and Evan Foley (bass/guitar) in crafting quite a different NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE sound – one tougher and edgier than ever before. As hopeful as it is angered, Common Gold is sure to grab the band new listeners and will certainly make current fans take notice. They will find there are now more brawn, more heart and more brains on display from the band. A few sneak preview videos can be found on the bands website at www.nottonightjosephine.com.

Says Ayers, "We definitely set out to not repeat ourselves and it turned out that that meant writing the heaviest things we've done while also writing the most mellow NTJ parts yet." That broader musical spectrum, combined with the emotive lyrics and delivery of Garry, means this 18-minute EP plays more like a full-length as the band takes every opportunity to make sure you're really listening. From the A Day to Remember pop-core of first single, 'Common Gold' to the post-hardcore noise that ends 'Alpha Dog', these five songs proclaim loud and clear that this band is not letting up any time soon.

"This EP is what happened when we decided to write the songs we wanted to write; not write the songs that would be expected," says Foley. Maybe taking a cue from Garry as he declares in 'Messenger': "I'll never know my fate unless it finds me;" these songs are strong evidence NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE isn't looking to follow a particular path anywhere.

Formed in Tampa, FL in 2008, NOT TONIGHT JOSEPHINE has spent the last five years deftly navigating the rough terrain that comes with being an independent rock band today. They've written and recorded two EPs and a full-length while touring the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast. They've shared the stage with bands ranging from A Day To Remember, Silverstein, and Anberlin to Sick Puppies and Drowning Pool (among many more) and have worked with two acclaimed producers – Brett Hestla (Framing Hanley, Dark New Day) and most recently for the forthcoming EP, James Paul Wisner, whose work with Underoath, Paramore and Go Radio attracted the band in search of defining a new sound.

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