Stardog Champion’s ‘Exhale.’ – Album Review

Stardog Champion's recently released debut album, "Exhale," combines elements of Incubus and Velvet Revolver. I am not implying that the band rips off either band's music; rather I only intend to help identify with those in the business. Stardog Champion's music fits into the same thread.

The band's rock riffs and interesting chord progressions make for an easy, yet delightful, listen to a seemingly new rock outfit. I was expecting to hear a watered down version of Breaking Benjamin, thanks to 1/2 of the band being former members (Aaron Fink and Mark James). However, that is not the case.

Stardog Champion is a great new band that should mix well with what is popular today - Shinedown, Halestorm, and so forth. Having said that, the biggest challenge would be that their music, although fantastically engaging, is not necessarily unique and could get lost in the shuffle of modern music. Nonetheless, "Exhale" is worth picking up if you're interested in bands like Incubus and Lifer, in which Stardog Champion is fronted by former singer, Nick Coyle. Rounding out Stardog Champion is drummer Josh Karis.

"Exhale" Track List:

Nothing to Lose
When We Fall
House of Cards
The Switch


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