Rival Sons to Save Rock n Roll

If Rock n Roll is going to be saved, Rival Sons will be the Band to do it.

What started out as a favor turned into my favorite new band. I really wanted to interview someone from Aerosmith really bad and in return I was asked to check out the band Rival Sons. From the first note of the opening track "Keep on Swinging" all the way through the final song "True" I was in love. Song after song reminded me of what I love about rock music.

I think the reason I hate dance music so much is because rock n roll is better dance music. Listen to the new Rival Sons record "Head Down" and tell me you can’t dance to that shit. There are several great bands out there, but none of them are really rock n roll bands…in the traditional sense. The music is too stiff, rock n roll is loose, it’s bluesy, it’s sexy. There are a couple bands who’ve flirted with rock n roll, Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry, Kid Rock, but none of them have captured rock n roll the way Rival Sons has.

I was really encouraged when I saw Eddie Trunk from "That Metal Show" endorsing these guys. I love love love these guys and they don’t give a shit. They don’t give a shit about anything. They signed their first record deal with a primarily death metal record label because it was funny. Like the title of their album, the keep their "Head Down" and they just go. They wrote and recorded the entire album in 20 days. Let me emphasize that, they didn’t come into the studio with the songs already written and then record them in 20 days, they created the songs in 20 days.

I’d say that’s pretty punk rock, but fuck punk rock, that’s rock n roll. There is a certain charm on this album that could only be captured if they did in fact create and record "Head Down" in 20 days. Take a look back at the late 60’s early 70’s. Think about how fast those bands kicked out quality records. Sometimes you just need keep your head down and stay out of your own way. "Head Down" is fucking genius. It came out on iTunes in 2012, but was released physically in 2013…I don’t know how this doesn’t top my best albums of 2013 list.

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