Heaven & Earth have just released a video recap from their packed record release party at the Fonda in Hollywood. The clip features footage of the band's electric performance that night, as well as a quick peek into the night's festivities. The clip can be seen here.

Loudwire.com described the performance as "..a high energy set with Joe Retta's powerful vocals reaching every crevice of the Fonda Theatre.."

The band's highly anticipated new album 'DIG' is now available via Quarto Valley Records. Fans can purchase the album on iTunes and Amazon.

Heaven & Earth's music comes together explosively on the album's first single "NO MONEY, NO LOVE" and its controversial video's (official and unrated): http://tinyurl.com/cdopr5d. As the band's founder and visionary, Smith says about 'DIG', "I feel that with the crafting of the songs on this album, the incredible band we've put together, especially with powerhouse vocalist Joe Retta and the unwavering support of Quarto Valley Records' President, Bruce Quarto, we really have a shot at getting Heaven & Earth the attention it deserves. This album is by far, the best thing I have ever done in my life!"

The complete track listing for 'DIG' is as follows:

1. Victorious
2. No Money, No Love
3. I Don't Know What Love Is
4. Man & Machine
5. House of Blues
6. Back in Anger
7. Waiting for the End of The World
8. Sexual Insanity
9. Rock & Roll Does
10. A Day Like Today
11. Good Times
12. Live as One

The band will be releasing a video for the song "I Don't Know What Love Is" later this month. To stay current on all things Heaven & Earth be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Fonda show recap: http://youtu.be/25wxyScc9Gc

'DIG' on iTunes: http://bit.ly/17LFDKM

'DIG' on Amazon: http://amzn.to/10bmeLP

"No Money, No Love" video URL: http://youtu.be/9WB1iW0thik

Official site: www.heavenandearthband.com

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