Devour the Day's "Time & Pressure" is an Authentically Intense Record

A couple years ago I came across this pop rock band called Egypt Central that I like ok, but I thought they had a good radio friendly poppy rock sound like Saving Abel, Shinedown, Nickelback etc etc. I thought they were on pace to being one of the next big things. Then late last year I got a press release saying Egypt Central has broken up and that the bass player and drummer were going to start a new band called Devour the Day, the two most replaceable parts to most bands.

As it turns out these guys were the primary songwriters for Egypt Central. I didn’t want to cover Devour the Day. I like to really invest myself in the bands that I’m going to cover and it takes a lot of work. And if these guys were just going to be another pop rock band they didn’t need me, but I listened to the songs anyway and there was something different this time around. There was substance to these songs. Lyrically they were very authentic. Egypt Central had a song called "Kick Ass" that was a good fun song, but that’s all it was. The songs on Devour the Day’s "Time and Pressure" were heavier in a lyrical sense.

There are songs like "Blackout," "Get Out of My Way," and "Good Man" that upbeat, but there is an intensity to them that so many other bands lack. Listen to "Good Man" and tell me you can’t feel it. These guys dissolved a band that had success and was on the verge of greater success, now they have the pressure to match that and prove to everyone they made the right decision. You can feel the doubt, the anger, and the confidence on every song.

I love this entire album; there is an authentic intensity that you just don’t see enough in music anymore. Remember those first couple Korn records when Jonathan Davis’ lyrics were so personal to him that he was practically crying on the records? You didn’t have to like Korn to understand that lyrically those albums were authentic. I feel the same about Devour the Day’s "Time & Pressure." If this band doesn’t live up to the success of Egypt Central and beyond, it’ll be a shame, but at least they’ll have this record to be proud of, I know that doesn’t put food on the table, but "Time & Pressure" is a special album. 

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