Device is a Great New Band Featuring David Draiman of Disturbed

t’s always harder for the singer of a massive band to branch out and do a side project. Most bands are defined by their front person. The classic example is when Steve Perry did a solo album and it sounded exactly like a Journey album. Critics have been hard on the new Device album which is the new project from Disturbed front man David Draiman. They’ve said it sounds too much like Disturbed. What they’re missing is that musically it doesn’t sound like Disturbed. It’s a much more electronic/industrial sounding band.

The only thing similar is Draiman’s cadence. Regardless, if the songs are good, who gives a fuck how much it sounds like Disturbed? What I love the most about this album is the fact that David brought in a wide variety of guest appearance. Lzzy Hale joins David in a cover of the Lita Ford/Ozzy Osbourne classic "Close my Eyes Forever." This song is a perfect song for the album, because we all know the original, while this version sounds a lot like the original, musically its completely different, but I bet the average fan (or critic for that matter) wouldn’t even notice. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; Lzzy Hale might have the best voice in rock music.

I’m absolutely in love with the track "Out of Line" featuring Serj Tankian and Geezer Butler. You’ve got two singers with voices that you’d think would clash with one another, but that’s not the case. I’m not sure what the songs about, but both Serj and Draiman’s vocals sound very passionate, but more than anything though, that main riff mixed with Draiman’s screams hooked me. I’m skipping over the songs that don’t have special guests, but those are great songs too. It’s just easier to write about Tom Morello, Serj Tankian and Lzzy Hale.

Speaking of Tom Morello, it’s quite the treat to hear his playing again on the track "Opinion." You can always notice when Morello is playing. Haze featuring M. Shadows is another highlight. Perhaps the most unique song on the album is "Through it All" featuring Glenn Hughes…that’s right a Glenn Hughes and David Draiman duet. David Draiman has an awesome tone, but Glenn Hughes has the tone and the range and it’s awesome to hear a voice like his on music like this. Don’t listen to the critics, "Device" is a good record, beginning to end. It’s so good that I actually paid for it. You should too.

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Anonymous said...

Yes i brought it , had to order cd in australia music storys , best album this year so far .