@DariusRucker Hits #1 For Third Straight Album.

Seasoned country artist Darius Rucker has hit #1 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart for the third consecutive release. The new album entitled True Believers debuted with 83,000 copies sold, which reaches his second-highest weekly sales amount next to 2010's Charleston, SC 1966. The most recent single "Wagon Wheel" topped the April 13 chart and received Digital Gainer honors in the latest Billboard issue (103,000 sold).

Darius Rucker on the new album, "I just started with a list of guys I wanted to write with. The process doesn't really change - you go off in a corner and write - but I really wanted to try not to write 'Alright' again. I'm very happy with what we got." Rucker, who first attained multi-platinum success as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Hootie & the Blowfish, wrote ten of the twelve tracks on True Believers - ranging from the feel-good sing-along "Radio" to the sophisticated narrative of "Shine." Since re-introducing himself to the world as a country artist, Rucker has had a remarkable few years. In 2008, the single "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" from Learn to Live made him the first African American with a Number One country song since Charley Pride in 1983.

With the twelve songs on True Believers, Darius Rucker takes his accomplishments to impressive new heights. Staying true to the real-life stories that define country music, he has crafted an album that is consistent and complex, full of joy, pain, and passion. Now Rucker is looking forward to the next chapter - bringing these new songs to the stage.

For more information on Darius Rucker, please visit www.dariusrucker.com.

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