@AlienAntFarm Premieres New Song On MTV Buzzworthy.

MTV Buzzworthy is premiering a brand new song from chart topping alternative rockers Alien Ant Farm. To stream "Let 'Em Know" and read an interview with AAF's Tye Zamora head over to:
There are three days left to pre-order Alien Ant Farm's upcoming record, Always and Forever. Read below for more information on the band's Pledge campaign:
Come join us as we complete the work on our new record – we've never created a pre-order campaign like this before and want you to be part of it with us! Through PledgeMusic, we are creating the chance to be part of a totally unique AAF experience —brand new to us too — where you'll be able to pledge towards the making of the record as well as never-before-released music, merch and experiences directly from us, not the label, management or some guy behind the computer. You will also be gaining access to exclusive updates and videos along the way.
Your pledge is a pre-order of the new album, and directly contributes to the release process. With all that we have been through over the years as a band internally and with you our fans we want to give you something exclusive for your continued support and help release this record with us!
There's also going to be a lot of cool interactive things for us to do with you guys as we continue to bang out the record and get closer to the release. Help us choose artwork designs, weigh in on the track order, and help decide what our next single will be and more!
We've endured and persevered through some rough times, and your support has been amazing, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is for you!
Music for the people, by the people….and we wouldn't have it any other way! Dryden, Terry, Tye, Mike
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