Adrenaline Mob Covers Dio, Heart, Van Halen, Led Zepelin and Many More - Review

The worst part about Adrenaline Mob’s EP of covers entitled "Coverta" is that the members of Adrenaline Mob have so many other commitments, particularly Mike Portnoy that they’re not out there touring in support of their last album "Omerta." That said it was nice of the guys to give us something new to hold us over.

If you didn’t already know Russell Allen was a fan of the late great Ronnie James Dio, you will after you listen to "Coverta." He covers the Dio track, "Stand up and Shout" the Dio fronted Rainbow track "Kill the King" and finally the Dio era Black Sabbath’s "Mob Rules." Allen can sing anything and he does more than justice to Dio’s songs.

The highlight of the album is probably their take on Van Halen’s "Romeo Delight." I call it the highlight, because during the bridge they bust through some classic Van Halen moments and even give us a little taste of Zeppelin. The most disappointing song on the album is their take on The Doors’ "Break on Through." I wish they would have left this one off, but played it live, because I think their version of the song is more suited for a live environment.

The most challenging song probably had to be Heart’s "Barracuda," because it was song by the great Ann Wilson. It’s also the go to song when any female vocalist wants to cover a rock song. Adrenaline Mob did an amazing job making this song their own while not losing the feel of the original. If you’re an Adrenaline Mob fan you should already own "Coverta," If you don’t, it’s worth picking up.

If you’re not familiar with Adrenaline Mob then I might recommend starting with "Coverta" then picking up "Omerta." I love this band, I just wish there were at least two Russell Allen’s and five or six Mike Portnoy’s so we could have more live Adrenaline Mob.

High Wire – Bad Lands
Stand up and Shout – Dio
Break on Through – The Doors
Romeo Delight – Van Halen
Barracuda – Heart
Kill the King – Rainbow
The Lemon Song – Zeppelin
The Mob Rules – Sabbath

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