Cisco Adler has teamed up with THISSONGISSICK.COM to premiere his brand new music video for "Medicine," from his debut album, ALOHA. THISSONGISSICK.COM recently sponsored the singer/songwriter/producer's acclaimed #RoadTrippinTour, featuring Mod Sun, Tayyib Ali, Choo Jackson, and Pat Brown, and this serves as the perfect note for the jaunt to close on.
If you didn't get to witness it firsthand, the music video for "Medicine" offers a front row seat to the #RoadTrippinTour. Juxtaposing live footage, candid backstage vignettes, and a whole lot of good times, the clip mirrors the breezy fun of the track. It's the best way to ride with Cisco Adler-short of joining him on tour. You'll get an intimate window into his world.

As for the song itself, Adler comments, "The song is about the highs and lows. You've got to remain the same while the times and people around you change. In other words, everything's gonna be alright."

Be sure to check out "Medicine" now. It's the perfect musical cure for any ailment.

Stay tuned for more from Cisco Adler.

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