Gimmick or Not Ghost B.C.’s “Infestissumam” is Rock Solid

Ghost B.C. the live horror show is back with their sophomore effort “Infestissumam” (which is Latin for Hostile). The satanic gimmick that they’ve got going on is worthy of an eye rolling, but most likely none of us would have heard of Ghost if it weren’t for the gimmick (which is a shame because their music is so perfect). Gimmicks have a shelf life, but bands have out lived their gimmicks, look at Kiss and Slipknot. When you make music as well as the music on “Infestissumam,” who gives a fuck what your gimmick is, the music rocks.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Ghost B.C.’s music, I guess I’d describe it as Black Sabbath meets Blue Oyster Cult dressed like Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. Based on their appearance alone without having heard their music I assumed they were going to be the heaviest band out there right now, but Ghost isn’t that heavy, which makes their music that much creepier.

The song that hooked me was “Year Zero.” As of April 16th 2013, that is the best song of 2013. I can’t get the song out of my head and I’m not complaining about it either. Their music is brilliant. It sounds like music you’d hear in church mixed with pop, 70's metal and creepy melodies. The music is so good that you almost buy into their gimmick. It would be too predictable is this were just another metal band. It's a real life horror show.

Highlights on the album are: “Year Zero,” “Secular Haze,” “Per Aspera Ad Inferi,” and the Abba cover “I’m a Marionette” featuring Dave Grohl on drums. I also really like the song “Body and Blood.” I bought the album about 21 hours ago and I’ve been through it four times now. I am absolutely in love with “Infestissumam.” I’m not sure how this album doesn’t land on my best of 2013.

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