Electro-pop Sensation Daniel Robinson Releases New Single "Running With The Wolves."

Intrigued by the sounds of childhood video games and matters of the heart, the winner of the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Daniel Robinson has returned with a pensive new single "Running With The Wolves," available now on Bandcamp. In anticipation for his sophomore EP Guesswork, due out June 2013, the electropop singer-songwriter is delivering another hard-hitting and poetic composition, to entertain his growing population of eager and dedicated fans.

Receiving the award in the "Electronic" music category in the JLS Contest, Robinson has been hard at work recording new music for his next project. The latest single "Running With The Wolves" comes as a thought-provoking track set to an ethereal yet club worthy instrumental, featuring futuristic synths and a steady pulsating beat. Always one to write with no filter, Robinson addresses a self-destructive lover, their accompanying paramours (aka "the wolves"), and makes it clear that he does it better by himself. With this song, Robinson displays a strong independence and sense of self, which is what his fans love about him. Produced with Toronto-based Mark Zubek (Betty Carter, Jen Chapin), "Running With The Wolves" is another opening into Robinson's mind and heart and displays his true artistry.

Music writers fell in love with his debut EP North saying, "The music is good, the vocals are great and the lyrics will knock your socks off," - PlayPauseReview.com. Of the new album Guesswork, Robinson says, "The whole theme of this EP is very glitchy, like an old videogame that doesn't quite work the way it's supposed to anymore, which all relates back to the subject matter of the record itself which is about becoming comfortable without control, risk and reward, and the unknown." To show his adoration of his fans, the singer also just released a free track that's an acoustic cover of LIGHTS' "Fourth Dimension," available on his Twitter Page.

This Buffalo native had his heart set on music since the age of five. He practiced day and night to perfect his vocal performance and looked up to the likes of musical icons such as Deborah Harry and Bruce Springsteen. His enthusiasm with his talent led him to participate in anything he could, including school choirs and theater. He also picked up the acoustic guitar and ukulele and would play incessantly, anywhere he could, even in the high school cafeteria. At age 13, a curious Robinson decided it was time to start using his own words to express his feelings and began writing songs obsessively. As he went through the motions of finding his musical niche, he drew inspiration from different genres and various types of artists. Eventually he became comfortable with his smooth, light and airy vocal quality, which is now apparent through his current sound. His signature deep-space instrumentals transport listeners into his introspective world, as he paints his thoughts with colorful lyrics. Lately he has been heavily inspired by the writing styles of LIGHTS and Bjork, the ethereal Lo-fi sound of Now Now, and the production of Crystal Castles, and Blood Orange.

Electropop's freshest talent doesn't just live to serenade, he extends his vision into his imaging, creating the album artwork, editing press photos, and tending to his various homes on the web. Visit Daniel's Facebook page to get the latest updates and look out for his sophomore release, Guesswork releasing in June 2013. Pre-order it now on Bandcamp!

Packed with a wild energy, armed with brilliant light, and loaded with infinite momentum, Daniel Robinson is electropop's tomorrow. Get ready, and don't forget to wear a helmet. Listen at www.iamdanielrobinson.com.

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