Ansley Hughes of Super Water Sympathy (@swsympathy) Talks Music, ‘Hydrogen Child,’ and Vans Warped. - Interview

A new band that is making noise is Super Water Sympathy. The New Orleans based pop group is currently playing dates on the Vans Warped Tour. Front woman Ansley Hughes recently stopped by to talk about Super Water Sympathy, their music, and what fans can expect from their new album, “Hydrogen Child.”

Q – Thank you, Ansley, for chatting.

A - No problemo!!!

Q – Real quick, where did the name of the band come from?

A - The band title came from a series of lucid dreams. We had an amazing experience one night when we all had the same dream. The dream was about all of us being under water. Billy (Hargrove) was naked and trying to save the dolphins from being killed and tortured. And he came out of the turbulent waves screaming, "SUPER WATER SYMPATHY!!!" And there it was said, and there it remained.
Q – Your sound has been self-described as Water Pop. What exactly does that mean?

A - One of the hardest questions to answer is when people ask us what kind of music we play... because, well, we don't really know. So one day we decided to come up with a genre. Something we could say, other than Billy's famous, "We're a mix between Marilyn Manson and Taylor Swift," response. So we came up with "water pop." First of all, it has a great ring to it. Second of all, I like to think it represents the fluidity of our sound. And coincidently, one day we realized every one of our songs on our freshman album (“Vesper Belle”) had some sort of reference to water, whether it be a waterfall or a tear drop. We like water. Bodies of water are great visual images, and considering we tend to focus more on painting pictures in people's minds with our lyrics, rather than always trying to make perfect lyrical sense, it fits.

Q – The new album, “Hydrogen Child,” will be released April 23rd. What can fans expect from this album that wasn’t prevalent on the band’s debut?

A - I think the major difference between “Vesper Belle” and “Hydrogen Child” is how much our songwriting abilities as a band have grown. We were writing “Vesper Belle” songs as we were recording them - literally throwing lyrics and melodies in there, not really thinking about them much. We wrote the entirety of “Hydrogen Child” before we went into the studio (sans the track entitled "Magnolia Parade"). We picked apart every word, every melody. Maybe even a little too much! The point is, we had more than enough time to prepare, and essentially, we ended up with a twelve song album in five weeks. Honestly, our semi-recent involvement in the publishing world has influenced our songwriting as well. We're maturing creatively every day; so naturally, the first album wasn't quite as strong on our part. And hopefully each album will get better and better.

Q – I love the new album, specifically the lyrics to the songs. You can really get a sense of what the songs are about through the lyrics’ descriptions. What’s your writing process like AND what did you want to accomplish with each song?

A - Our writing process is 100% collaborative in every sense of the word. Pieces of each of us are woven into each phrase and melody. We want our listeners to feel a connection. A lot of the time we aren't too concerned with making sense. It's more about wanting someone to feel a certain way, whether it be excitement, bewilderment, or confusion.

Q – The band is currently touring on the Vans Warped Tour. How do the big festivals compare/differ than individual tours? Which do you enjoy most and why?

A - Every individual show is special to us. Every fan that we meet is special to us. There is never a show that is more important to us than another, whether we are playing for 500 people or the employees of the venue.

Q – What do you want fans to take away from both the album and your live show?

A - A brighter understanding of themselves and the future of the solstice.

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