Alice In Chains have teamed with VEVO, the world's leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform for the premiere of "Stone," the companion video to their new single. The clip, which can be seen at, was recently shot in Lucerne Valley, CA, with director Roboshobo (Metallica, Mastodon, Green Day) and follows the recently released "Stone" lyric video. "Stone," which is about to crack the top 10 at rock radio, arrives on the heels of lead single "Hollow," which shot to No. 1 on the rock charts.

Both songs appear on new album THE DEVIL PUT DINOSAURS HERE, which is set for a May 28th release and currently available for pre-order through iTunes. The band (vocalist/guitarist Jerry Cantrell, vocalist/guitarist William DuVall, drummer Sean Kinney and bassist Mike Inez) will be playing the new singles and giving fans a sneak preview of additional songs from the album during their upcoming tour, which kicks off April 25th at The Fillmore in Miami Beach.

In their cover story on the band, Electronic Musician called THE DEVIL PUT DINOSAURS HERE "a multi-layered monster," adding that "every song rocks, sways and convulses in grand AIC style." In their cover piece on Sean Kinney, Drum! magazine described the album as "bluesier and more off the cuff than anything Alice In Chains has done since, well, ever. Although more pop than previous records, it's cut with a particular sourness that befits the band's curdled worldview. If [previous album] Black Gives Way To Blue recaptured the Northwest gothic Alice In Chains patented two decades ago, Dinosaur digs past the broad strokes of grunge in search of hard rock as haunted and shadow-filled as the pines ringing Puget Sound." Revolver magazine called it one of Alice In Chains' "heaviest and most challenging records yet."

The band recently gave fans a teaser of what to expect on tour by performing both "Hollow"  and "Stone" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and followed with the classic "Man In The Box"
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