Sevendust’s New Album "Black out the Sun" Takes Me Back to "Animosity" & "Seasons" Days

You know those albums that get better with each listen? Sevendust’s new release "Black out the Sun" is one of those albums. When I first heard the single "Decay" I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, then I saw them perform it live and I instantly got it. From the first listen to the album "Black out the Sun" I enjoyed the album. I’ve listened to it at least 10 times now (it only came out a couple of days ago) and each time I find myself liking the album more and more.

"Cold Day Memory," their previous effort, I absolutely loved. It was a more technical album from Sevendust than we were used to…which was why I loved it. With "Black out the Sun" they found a way to tie that back into the early Sevendust sound and released an album that you can stand up next to their first four albums. Some of the guitar solos on "Black out the Sun" is impressive. Clint Lowery and John Connolly really stepped up to the plate.

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I’m a fan of listening to albums in their entirety, but if I had to pick some of my favorite songs on the album I’d start with "Dark AM." It’s got a crunchy guitar riff to begin the song and for the verses and goes into a nice melodic chorus. "Faithless" is the song that gets the album going. It’s full of what I like to call a Sevendust riffs. If you have ever been a Sevendust fan, you will love this "Faithless." I don’t know what it is about "Mountain," but that song sticks in my head more than any other song. The song "Black out the Sun" has probably the best guitar solo on the album. I better stop before I list every track on the album.

Oh yeah, I forgot about my favorite song on the album "Got a Feeling." "Got a Feeling" should be a huge hit if that ever gets released as a single. I get the chills every time I hear it. It’s their next "Angel’s Son." I really love when Clint sings and Lajon Witherspoon comes in later, "Angel’s Son" & "X-mas day" are perfect examples. Sevendust fans should have already checked this album out, but if you haven’t go get it now. Fans of hard and heavy music, "Black out the Sun" really is a great album and I recommend giving it at least a listen or two.

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