Clint Lowery on “Black Out the Sun” & Three Years Hollow Collaboration

Sevendust is back with a brand new album “Black Out the Sun.” After spending 2012 with their respective side projects (Call Me No One & Projected) the band is rejuvenated and as good as ever. I caught up with Clint in Waterloo Iowa to talk about the new album, side projects and working some local friends of mine Three Years Hollow.

Bob Zerull (BZ): You guys seem really rejuvenated on this new album. Does that have anything to do with the side projects and the fact that they came out so good?

Clint Lowery (CL): I think time away, just like any relationship you give yourself a little break from each other, you get refreshed in a lot of ways. Doing other projects gives you the opportunity to learn using different creative formulas. It definitely helped me on my personal approach to the Sevendust record. I was a little burnt out, so I got to do a little something on the side, and after doing that, I was ready to go back into the Sevendust world. It was a good thing for everybody. I think everybody enjoyed the time.

BZ: It separates your mind from one project to another and gives you new ideas and outlooks.

CL: It actually helped the Sevendust album. We recorded at the same place that I did the Call Me No One record, so I already knew the team there.

BZ: We're good friends with the band Three Years Hollow whom you've been working with this last year, how did that collaboration come together?

CL: Those are my boys. My brother (Corey Lowery from Eye Empire) turned me on to them. They had done some shows together, so I did some cowrites with them and produced their last EP and just fell in love with the guys, Joes (Urquiza) especially. I just think he's a cool dude and talented. I like the guys man, they're good guys and they do good music. I like to see them doing something good.

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