Bob Zerull’s Farleyesque interview with Keith Nelson (@TheRealKFN) of @Buckcherry

I will never forget the first time I heard Keith Nelson’s guitar coming through the shitty speakers of my shitty tube TV in college. Hear I was the college kid dreaming of the days when rock n roll wasn’t perfect. When guitar riffs by guys like Joe Perry and Slash had personalities. Korn and Limp Bizkit were the only rock bands you could find on MTV and then late one night I heard it. I thought Guns n Roses had gotten back together or that Aerosmith had become a gritty rock band again. Instead I saw this dude that looked like Steven Tyler and Tommy Lee (Josh Todd) had a baby singing and this bad ass guitar player (Keith Nelson) standing next to him. Since that day I’ve been a fan. Recently I got the chance to interview that bad ass guitar player and ended up sounding like Chris Farley.

Buckcherry has a new album out called "Confessions" that is sort of a concept album. You can read my review of it here:


Q: With Confessions I really think you guys knocked it out of the park. Do you consider it to be a full-blown concept album?

A: Not really, it started that way. Josh and I had always talked about making a seven song EP about the seven deadly sins with each song named after different sin. Josh had come up with this script that had evolved from that EP idea. We started to work on songs that correlated with the script and we ended up with a full album worth of songs. The goal is to put together a short film to go along with the album.

Q: Since I'm talking to you, one of the guitar players in the band, I wanted to ask you about the song "Wrath." That riff is something Joe Perry or Slash would be proud of. Please tell me that's in your live set it will become a staple in your live set for years to come.

A: It is we've been playing that song every night. That's one of my favorite riffs I've ever come up with. That song, before the riff was introduced the verse was very different as we were in the writing process, it felt like it needed more attitude and that riff just came out one day and I'm glad it did (laughs).

Q: You guys have gotten to play with some amazing bands, Kiss, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, and have held your own…that’s pretty cool.

A: Yeah it is

Check out the entire interview here:

Be sure to pick up the new album “Confessions” and check them out at

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