Super Water Sympathy (@swsympathy) Have Adele, OneRepublic and Maroon 5 Type Potential. – Music Review

Super Water Sympathy's sophomore effort "Hydrogen Child" is a lyric and vocal fused album that showcases the talent of front woman, Ansley Hughes. All the members contribute equally to this stellar effort but Hughes' energy and voice stand out. If the band reaches the level of elite pop acts such as Adele, it will be because of Hughes' ability to lead/front this band.
What I love about "Hydrogen Child" is the fact that, although Super Water Sympathy is technically labeled a pop band, they are no way remotely close to what people think of as pop acts – Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, etc.
Like Adele, Super Water Sympathy can easily find themselves in company such as Maroon 5 and OneRepublic. They are very much a group of members that know how to write/play catchy tunes with interesting lyrics. Examples can be found in the ballad, "Magnolia Parade;" the fun/radio song, "Sunday School Dress;" and the pop/rock anthem, "Uh Oh!"
"Hydrogen Child" is an album that will make noise on independent charts. The album drops April 23, 2013.
Super Water Sympathy:
Ansley Hughes - Vocals
Billy Hargrove - Bass
Clyde Hargrove - Guitar
Ryan Robinson – Drums
Jason Mills - Keys
Visit Super Water Sympathy online:
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