Midnight Conspiracy Releases "Sentinel" - Debut Heavy Bass Single On Ultra Records.

Midnight Conspiracy have released "Sentinel", their debut single on Ultra Records with fellow Chicagoans Cenob1te. The song features their signature orchestral instrumentation, which was prominent in their last single "The Eye", along with a heavy dose of brain-melting bass. It gives the song all the gusto of modern EDM with its dirty and raunchy basslines while still maintaining a classical musicality in a cohesive manner.

Midnight Conspiracy are known for their heavy bass performances inside a 16-foot bastion of Lasers and LEDs known as "Eye Live". As seen in this video from their Halloween show last weekend playing "Sentinel", Midnight Conspiracy can ravage a crowd like none other. So seek cover, the "Sentinel" has been let out of the cage.

Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te - Sentinel (Original Mix)


Beatport Buy link: http://www.beatport.com/track/sentinel-original-mix/3863274

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