Liz Chavez’s (@Miss_LizChavez) All Time Crush is Bettie Page. - Interview

CAUTION: Looking at Liz may cause your penis to shoot off your body - literally. Two words: Liz Chavez — Need I say more?!?! Liz is a 27-year-old model and perfect female specimen. She is seriously too hot for words. Someone bring me a bucket of ice and a high powered fan. I’m overheating just from looking at her.

Liz is originally from Perth, Australia, but is currently residing in Miami, Florida. Guys, the good news is, Liz is single. On the other hand, you’d probably have a better chance at winning the lotto.

Q - Tell us a little about yourself.

A - Well, I could go on forever and ever in this section. But I’d say the most relevant things about me are that I love health and fitness, I’m a bit of a metal head and horror movie fanatic, and I always tell the punchline of jokes first! I moved over from Australia a couple of years ago, which is when my modeling really started to take off. And I have never looked back!

Q - Tell us about your worst sexual experience.

A - Oh God! My worst sexual experience, but also the funniest one, would have to have been when I almost had my legs set on fire (not intentionally). Now in saying that, the guy and I are still friends; so no harm done!

Q - What kind of guy/girl is your dream guy/girl?

A - My dream guy would have to be Till Lindemann from Rammstein or Veronica Sanchez from the band Hunter Valentine. Both of them are such strong characters, it’s hard not to be magnetized toward them. But my all-time crush is Bettie Page. She was one of the first role-models to really show women it was ok to be freaky and express yourself sexually in different ways. Plus, she had awesome style.

Q - If you had to pick one important lesson you’ve learned in this life so far, what would it be?

A - Trust yourself and believe in what you’re capable of. People aren’t scared of failing, they are scared of what they have the ability to accomplish; so don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do!

Q - What are you most passionate about?

A - I’m passionate about the welfare of animals. I am highly opposed to any kind of animal cruelty, and when I’m witness to such an incident, it’s one of the only times you will really see me get angry.

Q - Clearly I think you stand out from other women, but tell us in your own words what makes you different?

A – Ha ha ha!!! This is my section where I get to sound conceited. Yes!!! ;) I have no idea what makes me stand out, but if I do, then it’s an honor that you think that of me!

Q - What is your dream?

A - I don’t have any one particular dream that I want to accomplish. I’m happy for life to take me wherever it feels I should be. As long as I have my health, my independence, and I’m happy, then everything else seems irrelevant.

Liz is the epitome of feminine beauty. She is kind and soft spoken. And she is humble and fun. She pretty much makes me fucking hate myself (just kidding). When I think of perfect, I think of Liz Chavez. Allow Liz to bless you with her femininity and beauty.

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