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Sarah M is a Canadian girl with 24 thousand plus followers on Twitter. She has a Communications Degree in Public Relations. She was working as an Executive Assistant to (I’m quoting Sarah M) “a fucking asshole,” which Sarah M later decided to quit because he was a no-good-mother-fucker that didn’t deserve to be in her presence.

I was blessed with Sarah M when one of her tweets came through my news feed. “I’ll fuck your disabled brother. I don’t give a fuck.”

As you can imagine I fell in lust immediately! I clicked on her Twitter account to read more, only to find nothing short of amazing:

@Smuttercup “All you ever need is your friends. And a shit ton of money. And great tits.”
(Finally a woman who understands me!)

@Smuttercup “Masturbating with glo sticks keeps me hip.” (I’m going to have to try this, cucumbers are totally last season.)

@Smuttercup “You’re wasting your life. Good talk.” (Exactly)

And then this one pretty much made my heart melt.

@Smuttercup “If you’ll eat a Wendy’s Baconator, than you can sure as fuck eat your girlfriend’s pussy when she’s on her period.”

It’s not very often that you find an intelligent, witty, and beautiful woman that compares a Wendy’s Baconator to a menstruating vagina; And when you do, it’s nothing short of remarkable.

Sarah M, aka @smuttercup, recently stopped by to chat.

Q - Tell us a little about yourself.

A - I have a 6-year-old boy named Connor and my sun rises and sets on him. My family and friends are the most important thing to me. I am in love with the funniest man on earth, @lazerdoov. I am aware I am a lucky bitch. I am fiercely private, which surprises most people. I love to write, everything and anything. I don’t find the truth as offensive as most people. I think living in a bubble is fucking boring. I swear too much but sometimes I just don’t know how else to express myself. I also never know how to answer this question ever.

Q - Tell us about your worst sexual experience.

A - Oh God. I think that I’ve been lucky enough to forget the really awful ones because alcohol is usually involved. I think the worst thing is fucking someone you just would NEVER EVER have touched sober, and then you think about it later, and it makes you just fucking CRINGE. Ugh…gross. Or boring…boring is not okay. And seriously dudes? Brush your fucking teeth and shave your junk. We work five times as hard for you; we deserve at least some effort.

Q - What kind of guy/girl is your dream guy/girl?

A - That’s easy…they have to be funny, kind, smart and passionate. I want someone who is just NICE. It’s so underrated. Bad boys are fun when you have no self-esteem. But if you are lucky enough to figure out what you deserve and smart enough to never settle for less than that, you don’t want to be hanging out with the guy who can get you a deal on weed; you’ll want to be hanging out with the guy who makes you laugh and feel good. The sex is the best if you trust the person. It also helps if you have sexual chemistry, obviously.

Q - What life experience triggered your vulgarity and brutal honesty?

A - I was totally the sweet nice girl who dated musicians and bikers and drug dealers and I know you can’t judge a book its cover, but let’s just say I dated the asshole musician, the asshole biker and the shitty drug dealer. Go hard or go home right? Anyway, it toughened me up. It sounds cliché and shit, but it’s just true. I eventually started to think, ‘Really? You think this is okay? Because it’s NOT,’ and it took me less and less to get there every time. Finally I just realized I deserved to be treated well by people who are honest and open and truthful. If I expected that from other people, then I was going to be that back to them. I hate hypocrites so I refuse to be one. I guess it just evolved and I discovered the importance of being true to myself and others. I hate bullshit. It’s a complete waste of my time and I have better things to do.

Q - If you had to pick one important lesson you’ve learned in this life so far, what would it be?

A - To choose just one is tough, there are so many! I think it’s really important to know what truly means something in this life and love the shit out of it with passionate ferocity. I think it’s important to know the hills you would die on and what you can just let the fuck go. I think it’s important to know the difference between being vulnerable and being naïve. Judging other women is never cool - we need to stick together more often. I truly think it’s good to figure out balance in every capacity of your life. Things like Twitter make people crazy and obsessed. If I’m going to be obsessed with anything, it’s sure as hell not going to be an account on a website, no matter how many “cool” people use it. And taking yourself too seriously is always a mistake.

Q - What are you most passionate about?

A - My family, my friends, love, creating anything (food, art, poetry, a novel, laughter), honesty, strength, moving forward and never back, kindness, sex, health.

Q - Clearly I think you stand out from other women, but tell us in your own words what makes you different.

A - I’m insanely flattered. I truly feel honored that you think that way. I don’t think I’m much different; I just refuse to try and meet anyone’s expectations aside from my own. Again, just my opinion, but why do people look for validation from others so often? I like to trust my gut instinct and follow my heart. I value others opinions, but they aren’t what I base my opinion of myself or my decisions on. I’m also not a psycho so that sets me apart from a lot of broads.

Q - What is your dream?

A - To live on a tropical island, in a gorgeous house full of windows, on the water, and spend my days writing best-selling novels on my wraparound porch surrounded by the people I love. And I mean, if I became famous for doing nothing, I wouldn’t complain.

Finding Sarah M was a magical day for me. Let her bless you with her knowledge and wisdom. Follow her on Twitter @smuttercup.


Emily Grove is a humor writer from Sacramento, CA. Visit her on the web at:, on Facebook and on Twitter.
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