The “X Factor’s” Chris Rene has a New Album Out – Interview

Chris Rene of “X Factor” fame has released his debut album “I’m Right Here.” If you didn’t see season 1 of the “X Factor” or haven’t had a chance to hear any of his music I recommend giving him a chance, if nothing else he has a very unique style about hi. Recently I got the chance to chat with Chris about his album “I’m Right Here” and season 2 of the “X Factor.” If you want to listen to the extended interview you can do so right here.


Zoiks!: You have a new album coming out on Oct 2nd, what was your goal when you went into write and record the album?

Chris Rene: My plan was to make great music that’s gonna rock this Earth, inspire people and turn them into Renaliens (laughs), get a lot more fans, show people a fraction of who Chris Rene is and what he’s capable of doing and making great music and having a great time meeting people and creating new relationships through music.

Z!: You have a very unique/original style about you, do you know where that came from, like who might have influenced that?

CR: That was from my Grandpa Leon. He passed that on to me, it’s a hereditary thing. I got that from him, he passed that down to me; my brothers and sisters we all have that same gift. Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Tupac, Biggie…just the legends of their time, Eric Clapton. I’ve been inspired by them all.

Z!: You’ve been sober now for over a year, has your sobriety played a role on the new album?

CR: Definitely, 17 months today…I just realized that. It’s been the stability point for me in writing the album. When you hear the album you’ll see where it plays a role. It’s definitely not all about recovery on the album, it’s more about having a good time, inspiring, girls, then the lifestyle of being famous and traveling while trying to stay sober and maintaining staying sober, that’s the role right there.

Z!: What made you try out for the “X Factor?”

CR: It was a mixture of things. I’m going to go try out for this show. A few days before I went up there…I didn’t know exactly which song I was going to do, I had six original songs. I didn’t know if they were going to be like, ‘that’s ok, try another one.’ I didn’t know they were going to give me a yes on “Young Homie,” because that was just one of six. I just went on the show because I wanted the world to see me, I wanted the world to hear my music and I knew that was my opportunity and I was going to take it.

Z!: What are your thoughts on the “X Factor” shake up with them bringing Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on?

CR: I think it’s cool. I’ve been watching it and I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting stuff, a lot of great contestants. I think it’s a great mix up, to have them on the show. I’m just learning about who Demi Lovato is, she’s an inspiring artist.

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