‘The Real L Word’ Star Lauren Bedford Russell (@1LaurenRussell) Talks ‘Rock the Vote’ and President Obama (@BarackObama) FORWARD Bracelets. – Interview

Some celebrities stay out of the political atmosphere in regard to support or opinion. But when the President’s campaign reaches out to you, it’s difficult to stay quiet. For Showtime’s “The Real L Word” star, Lauren Bedford Russell, not only is she showing her support for President Obama, she’s donating to him. Russell recently stopped by to talk about the show and her role in getting the President reelected.

Q – Thank you, Lauren, for chatting.

A - Thank you as well!!

Q – You recently starred in Showtime’s “The Real L Word” but you’re making news with your political backing of President Obama with your line of Obama "FORWARD" bracelets and a portion of its proceeds going toward his campaign. Why did you decide to do this?

A – Actually, someone from Obama's campaign came to me with the idea of the bracelet and I of course jumped at the chance to support the President. I think more than anything though I want to encourage people to vote. I am involved with Rock the Vote as I have a bracelet with them as well. I am always looking for new charitable bracelet ideas and now have about three on the horizon for next year.

Q – You’re obviously on a show that promotes gay and lesbianism (and are gay yourself) but do you think choosing a side in this election will turn fans off and/or push people away that were otherwise fans of you and/or the show?

A - I don't think we "promote" gay and lesbianism. I think we are just showing ourselves and our lives to the world and being comfortable in that. But I thought of this for only a second when I was approached for the Obama bracelet: do I want my vote to become very public? I do not have a problem voicing who I will vote for, just as I don't mind having my life on display on the show. I am an open person and I love sharing everything I have to give. What I have gotten in return is something I will never take for granted or forget. Fans say that I've helped them realize they are gay, come out, or feel more comfortable with who they are. Freedom of expression is what matters the most. It's not so much about which side as much as it is about not being afraid to stand for what and who you believe in. I don't think anyone, no matter who they are, should ever hold their vote secret. More than anything though I want to encourage people to vote no matter whom they are voting for.

Q – Your company, Lyon Fine Jewelry, also has been a part of efforts such as “Rock the Vote” and “Equality.” Once the election is over, what cause is next for you to support?

A - I touched on this a little but the next one will actually be an animal rights bracelet with proceeds going to the animal charity of the purchaser’s choice.

Q – You come from a diverse background with your father being an economist and your own background in Business and Gemological Studies. How did you get involved with “The Real L Word?”

A - Long story short, my friend (a musician named Amber Tisue) was going for it, mentioned it to me, and I went for it. Just started by filling out an application online and then made it on officially about three months later through the process.

Q – Season Three of “The Real L Word” just wrapped. Will you be involved in Season Four? If so, what can fans expect?

A - We don't know whether the show is going to return, or who will be on it, yet, but we should know very soon. :)

Q – Where can people learn more about the Obama “FORWARD” bracelet?

A - www.lyonfinejewelry.com

Q – Thank you again! Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - VOTE!!! And visit my site for new jewelry every week! I am adding a lot of more lower priced items these next couple of months.

Thank you!!


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