The official trailer for "The Aztec Box" has just been released on YouTube.

Summary of the film:

"In the spring of 2012, four University of Riverside students disappeared while filming a home made reality show.

Authorities have determined that the students unearthed an ancient Aztec sarcophagus that caused a number of unexplained disturbances in the weeks leading up to students' disappearance.

The Aztec Box is a MOVIE composed from a collection of footage recovered by authorities from the Riverside, California house where students lived."

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"The Aztec Box" has wrapped principal shooting and is currently in post-production, and slated for release in 2013.

Unfolding in an exciting found-footage style, the film is about four ordinary college students come in contact with an ancient Aztec relic, which, it turns out, had been used in human sacrifice rituals more than 500 years ago. The film is centered around the mysteries of the Aztec civilization and uses quite a few historical references as the story unfolds. The Aztecs are specifically relevant in 2012 - it is widely known that the Aztec Calendar ends in December 2012, however, the reason for this is unknown.

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