The Dollyrots’ New Album Is Brought To You By Their Fans. – Album Review

The Dollyrots’ self-titled album will drop September 18, 2012. This time around, the band doesn’t have the luxury of being backed by a label. A lot of the responsibility lies on the band. The Dollyrots’ two previous efforts have been sponsored by Blackheart Records.

As daunting as this seems, the band has no reason to be worried. That’s because, the Kelly Ogden led band has support from their dedicated fans who have not only been there in spirit, but also financially via the pledge site, Kickstarter.

If subsidizing costs and resources weren’t enough, The Dollyrots had their share of adversity when the drummer role was seemingly a revolving door of musicians. I interviewed Ogden recently about this, which involved the likes of Alicia Warrington and James Carman.

Ogden: “(Laughs), well, it’s funny that you bring that up because we had another line-up change, already. We haven’t announced it yet but last night we played a show with this guy named James (Carman) from a band called Images. Alicia (Warrington) decided to go full-time with Chris Rene, who’s like an ‘X-Factor’ artist that she was doing some shows with here and there while we were finishing up all the record stuff. She decided to do that so we have James going on this next tour and a half with us. He’s awesome. Luis and I feel it’s kind of Spinal Tap-py (laughs) at this point and we’re going to embrace it. The band has been our life, just the two of us, for over 10 years. It really is mostly our band and we share it with whoever wants to be our drummer at the time. That’s just how it’s going to be moving forward and I think we finally feel really comfortable with that.” (Read the rest of the interview HERE.)

With all the obstacles, the album embraces The Dollyrots’ fun pop/punk/punch sound. From songs “I Wanna Go” to “Satellite” and from “Twist Me to the Left” to “F U Famous,” The Dollyrots have delivered something that Ogden and company can truly share with fans. Listening to the album, the average person would never even have a clue of what the band has gone through bringing this album together. It’s such a fun and overall great album both lyrically and musically. It’s a testament to The Dollyrots’ tenacity and love for, not only their music, but their fans.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at
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