Romi Klinger of ‘The Real L Word’ addresses heterosexual relationship. - Interview

Showtime just wrapped the third season of its hit series, "The Real L Word." One of the stars of the show, Romi Klinger, who appeared on all three seasons, introduced a different type of relationship that fans are accustomed to seeing. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed Klinger's bout with sobriety, her feelings toward Kelsey, and her heterosexual relationship with Jay.

What has been the reaction from fans in regard to your heterosexual relationship?

Overall, it's been 50 percent hate, 50 percent love (laughs). I think half of my fans truly understand my bisexuality, and the other half just want to judge me based off of something I am not. I am in it for love.

Have you gotten negative feedback from the lesbian community?

Yeah, it's been kind of shocking! I've been an active member in the LGBT community for years and to get so much negative feedback from the lesbian community has been kind of a bummer. We always fought for love and equality, and that's what the LGBT stands for -- equal rights for all.

Season 3 also saw you evolve into a musical career. Your music career is actually taking off with your hit single, "Oh La La." What can those not familiar with your music expect from this single and future ones?

"Oh La La" was kind of my first venture into music, and it was a lot of fun to experiment on that song. But during that process I met back up with my ex-boyfriend, Dusty, and we wrote a ton of songs. We released an EP called "LOVE" on Thursday, September 6. It really captures the essence of what I want to be doing. The record is super energetic pop, and I'm sure there's only more to come with that.

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