Kim Kardashian Finally Not Getting Something She Doesn’t Deserve.

Finally, some voice of reason has come out of Hollywood. In a place that continually remakes movies and believes that reality television is something that viewers actually want to see, tinsel town has denied one of the biggest reality stars a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kim Kardashian will not be getting a coveted star. Apparently, unlike some of the movies that Hollywood pushes out, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has criteria.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, part of those criteria is actually getting awards (Emmy's, Oscars etc.) and having longevity in the business.

Kardashian is best known for being famous for being famous. Her boyfriend is rapper Kanye West, and I'm still waiting to see if West will interrupt this article to say that Kardashian has the best show of all time and should be awarded.


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