Tremonti vs Call Me No One Double Album Review

The battle of the non rock stars. There’s no need for competition in music, but two of my favorite modern day guitarists are Mark Tremonti and Clint Lowery. Both Tremonti and Lowery have recently released side projects and I’ve gotten a chance to check them both out and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. I really enjoyed both albums. You really can’t go wrong with these two guys and to mix Morgan Rose in there (Sevendust & Call Me No One drummer) it gets even better.

 On twitter I saw Lowery jokingly tweet to Mark Tremonti suggesting that Call Me No One and Tremonti should tour together. I want that to happen so very bad. Maybe it could be Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Eye Empire, Tremonti and Call Me No One…and just for fun Three Years Hollow can open for them (Lowery created some music with these guys a couple months back). Regardless they’d have to call it the Anti Rock Star Tour.

Call Me No One – “Last Parade” – I called Call Me No One a side project, but my guess is that when Sevendust decides to hang it up for good, Call Me No One will continue. Call Me No One sounds like a mixture of the Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails and well Sevendust. It’s heavy, but it’s not as heavy as Sevendust is. Lowery has an unmistakable playing style as does Rose which makes this album stand on its own against all the other rock/metal bands out there that sound alike.

 Lowery covers the vocals for Call Me No One and I was pleasantly surprised. Anybody who knows Sevendust knows Lowery can sing, but being the front man is different. Lowery has never been the flashy guy who demanded the spot light. Call Me No One is really a band of guys who don’t need to be famous or successful, but burn to create and play music. That’s why they called the band Call Me No One, this isn’t the Clint Lowery solo project this is a band without an attention whore and that really comes across in the music.

 I am dying to see these guys live. There’s not a bad song on the album. Call Me No One is the type of band that will get a large cult following but probably never make it to that arena headlining status, if they do it’ll strictly be because of the music, and that’s what’s so awesome about them. There’s nothing flashy here, just kick ass rock music.

Tremonti – “All I Was” – Much like Clint Lowery, Mark Tremonti is not out there saying look at me. The guy just loves playing guitar and writing music. With Creed he took a back seat and let Stapp get all the attention. Guitar players on all levels took notice of Tremonti. I can’t even count how many times I have heard someone say Creed sucks, but Tremonti is a bad ass. With Alter Bridge I thought for sure it was going to be the Mark Tremonti show, but it was really a complete band…they are amazing live.

 Now Mark is out with a solo project, which is really a bunch of songs that aren’t right for Creed or Alter Bridge. For the most part the songs are a lot heavier than anything Creed or Alter Bridge have done. That said, I don’t think you really notice it because of the vocal which I think is a credit to Mark. Like Lowery again, Tremonti covers lead singing duties and is surprisingly effective as a front man. 

The songs are brutally heavy with big Alter Bridge like chorus’s. I absolutely love this album. My favorite part of the album is the bridge on “Giving Up.” I just love the guitar riff there. The solos on the album are also some of the best I’ve heard from Tremonti. It’s frustrating that it might be awhile before we get a chance to check out Tremonti live because he’s in so many fucking bands, but I can’t wait for that either.

 Which one is better? There’s not a bad song between the two of them. I’m a bigger fan of Mark Tremonti than I am Clint Lowery…but just barely. I think the vocals on Call Me No One are stronger than on Tremonti, but again not by much. Tremonti is heavier, so I don’t know, it’s a draw. Seriously though, Mark and Clint you need to takes these two bands on the road together for the greater good of rock music…I’m begging you.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Review..

Having seen both numerous times, Tremonti live is a spectacle in itself, but Lowery is also VERY good live.

I'm an Aussie so had the privelege of seeing Tremonti playing with Alterbridge at Soundwave Festival, when low and behold who comes out and jams with them.... SLASH!

I almost died and went to rock heaven right there.

Slash and Tremonti dukeed it out on stage, and honestly, I know Slash is an absolutely brilliant guitarist as well, but Tremonti owned it that day.


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