Rick DeJesus of Adelitas Way Talks “Home School Valedictorian,” Uproar and Being on the Main Stage – Interview

I got to attend this years Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival featuring Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind etc etc. It also included Adelitas Way. Adelitas Way is a band that has worked its way to main the stage the hard way, by touring. They did it in an era where newer younger bands are designed to fail. Recently I got a chance to chat with Rick DeJesus about making it to the main stage. You can listen to the entire interview along with my interviews with P.O.D., Mindset Evolution, Fozzy and Three Years Hollow right here: 

Zoiks!: “Home School Valedictorian” has been out for a year now and in that time you’ve made that jump from a side stage band to a main stage band. What’s that transition like? 

Rick DeJesus: Honestly man, we expected it, not to sound awful, but we worked towards this. It was a goal of ours, we want to get on the main stage. It’s something that…now obviously the goal is to get to the best stop, you know, climb the bill and hopefully headline this one day. We want to do anything we need to do to continue to grow and get better and to do that shit. It feels really gratifying and great to be on the main stage. It feels like we get to look back and think of everything we’ve been through and all the hard work we put in and realize its all been paying off. 

Z!: A lot of the bands like Godsmack and P.O.D. have been around a long time. They around when the music industry was different. You’ve come up with this messed up music industry. 

RD: Yeah yeah, I tell everyone that. Sometimes people want to look at us as a new band. We’ve been pushing for this for four years in the hardest era of music you can do it in. We get a little bit of a credit and geez we’re getting ready to go on our third album in a time where no one has had to deal with it this bad. We’ve had nothing but this dark time. We’ve thrived in this dark time. You have to look at what we’ve done a little differently than what bands that were there during the golden age have done. We put in this work during the Dark Age and during the dark times when records don’t sell. They feel that as well. A lot of bands feel that, but we’re keeping our heads down and working hard and trying to really get out there and do whatever we can no matter what time it is. We want to do the best we can and we’ve really done a good of just keeping our heads done and working hard and not letting anything deter us especially during this time of music, because I think it’s a great time.

Z!: What would you say is the key to success in the “dark age” of the music industry, is it just touing? 

RD: The key is just being great man. Honestly, you’ve got to be great. We’re striving towards greatness; I’m not saying we’re there yet, but we all want to be great. I certainly want to be remembered as one of the best front men to play during this time. Trevor wants to be known as one of the best drummers. Our whole band is striving to be great. I think when you do that and it all comes together people start to pay attention and I think right now we’re starting to catch everyone’s eyes. 

Z!: What’s next for you guys, you’re albums been out for about a year now? 

RD: It ain’t going away. Everybody keeps asking what’s next, but what I feels next is that we’re fighting for the number one single in the country right now and I feel we’re going to get that shit. We’re going to drop another single off of this record. We’re going to go to rock and multiple formats with it. We’re going to keep going. There’s nothing stopping this record from continuing. That’s not to say it’s going to affect us and how we write. Yeah we’re making a third album, yeah it’s already in the works and it’s going to be amazing. We want the third record to smoke the second record. We want everything to be better bigger better. We’re going to put the time and work in until it is, you should be excited, I’m excited. 

Z!: How many more singles are you going to release off of “Home School Valedictorian?” 

RD: We’re going on our fourth one. 

Z!: Jeez, that’s like Bon Jovi 

RD: That’s what I’m talking about I just want to fucking make some noise. 

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