Mindset Evolution Chats About Uproar, On Stage Injuries and Winning Last Years Battle of the Bands – Interview

I got to attend this years Rock Star Energy Drink Uproar Festival featuring Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind etc etc. It also included Minset Evolution. Mindset Evolution is from Peoria, IL, about 90 minutes south of the Zoiks! Online head quarters, so we’re happy to see them finally getting the success that they deserve. You can listen to the entire interview along with my interviews with P.O.D., Adelitas Way, Fozzy and Three Years Hollow right here: 


Zoiks!: So how did you guys get on the Uproar Festival, you won the Battle of the Bands last year? 

Rob Ulrich: Right, we beat 5300 bands in the entire nation in last year’s battle. It was very much fan oriented in the beginning and then the judges took over after the first round. They hand picked us out of 26 candidates and allowed us to start pursuing and living our dream, it was pretty rad. 

Z!: So what was the experience like last year? You basically got to do what Three Years Hollow did today right? 

RU: Precisely. Last year was a little tougher, not to disparage the work that they’ve done. All the bands in the battle this year have worked very hard. Last year there was only one stage here. So we had to open that one stage. So when we played the majority of the people couldn’t even make it through the gate to come see us. As it were this year there was an opening band, then the battle band plays. That half hour can make all the difference in the world. Somehow we still pulled it off and nailed it. It was rainy, it was cold and it was awesome. 

Z!: How has the tour been so far? 

RU: It’s kind of strange. I feel like we kind of had a misstart. Kansas City was great, the first city it was great, great vibes everything. Then in Arkansas the second date our bassist Josh Bodeen blew out his knee. His whole leg collapsed the wrong direction. Fortunately for him he didn’t tear anything, he didn’t break anything, his knee cap popped out, his leg bended the wrong direction. They came up on stage and put it back in. 

Z!: Oh he did it on stage? 

RU: He did it on stage in the middle of our show. Second song of the second set on the second date of the tour. He fell, they came up put it back in and carried him off stage and he kept motioning to me, ‘dude I wanna stay.’ I was like dude you need to go to the hospital and he was like no I want to stay, so he came back and sat down and finished the set and played three more songs with his knee a mess. Now he’s here on crutches and he’s going to do the whole rest of the tour with us. It’s difficult because I can’t really judge those first three dates. The first one was regular, and then he blew out his knee. The third show St. Louis is kind of a home show as well and now Chicago is a home show, so today we feel like is the kick off and we could answer that question better in a week.

Z!: Where can people find your music? 

RU: We actually have three albums out, three independent albums out. I won’t tell you the names or where you can find them (laughs), because you grow a lot over time. It was all apart of our history. We feel like we are the Mindset Evolution we’ve always wanted to be at this points in our career. As far as videos go you can check out “Norma Genes,” “Relevent” and the “We Are Stars” lyric video, by the way all of which were shot by Davo from the Quad Cities. 

Z!: You did the Warped Tour a few years back, when do you get to the point where you can quit your day job and take off on a tour? 

RU: That’s a tough question to answer. It all comes down to what you can afford. There are always stories bands will tell you about how hard it was and how much money they didn’t make and so on and so forth. For us it was always logistical. It was, where are we going? How much is it going to cost to get there? Are we going to make enough on our stops to pay for it and if we couldn’t, we wouldn’t go. It’s this simple, if you don’t have the money to pay for it then don’t do it. If you have the money then do it, even if you come back with zero, come back with zero. You’re not going to succeed if you go out and acquire debt on your tour. 

Z!: What’s next for you guys? 

RU: I think next for us is going to be…I don’t really see very well past the next show, day or week. I do know that as lost as we stay grinding that we’ll go where we need to go. Next is going to New Jersey and having a fantastic time with that crowd and that place and doing that on every stop on Uproar and seeing where the future takes your friendly dirty rocker boys. 

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