Marti Frederikse​n Re-Teams with Aerosmith on Music From Another Dimension

Musician-Producer-Songwriter-Engineer-Mixer. There probably isn't a proper hyphenate that could best describe Marti Frederiksen. Through hard work and terrific talent, he has been behind the scenes making amazing music since the late 80s, working with a surplus of superstar acts as both a songwriter and producer. Recently, he has emerged in the spotlight as the go-to-producer and writer for heavy weight acts including Faith Hill, Def Leppard, Daughtry, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Rascal Flatts, 3 Doors Down and more. He has won BMI Awards for his work with Aerosmith, Bo Bice, Buckcherry, Gavin Rossdale, Carrie Underwood and Sick Puppies, and won an Ivor Novello (and was nominated for a Golden Globe) for the song "A Fire Still Burns" from the British film, Still Crazy. Inspired by every genre, he is constantly fueled by his desire to create great music.


After co-writing the #1 rock hit, "Got No Shame" for Brother Kane in 1993, Marti Frederiksen's phone hasn't stopped ringing. In the late 90s, Producer John Kalodner was one of those calls, setting in motion a relationship with the band Aerosmith that has now spanned over a decade. Upon meeting Steven and Joe for the first time, Marti co-wrote the song"Something's Gotta Give" for the band's 12th studio album, Nine Lives, eventually co-writing four songs on the record. He later went on to work with Aerosmith on Just Push Play, receiving credit as one of the producers, as well as co-writer of 10 of the 11 tracks on the album, including the smash hit, "Jaded."


2012 in to 2013 will showcase some more extraordinary work from Marti: He has a track on the latest Rascal Flatts album; three songs on the upcoming 3 Doors Down Greatest Hits CD coming out this Fall; has co-written "Someday," the first single off of Julian Lennon's forthcoming album with Julian, Steven Tyler and Mark Spiro and co-wrote "Can't Stop Loving You," the duet Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler perform on the highly anticipated Aerosmith record, Music from Another Dimension. Perhaps most exciting of all is the track "What Could Have Been Love," which took seven years to come to fruition, and is a focus track on the album. A true Aerosmith ballad, the song was co-written by Marti Russ Irwin and Steven Tyler. In an "only in rock n' roll" story, the track "What Could Have Been Love," was seven years in the making, and a tune that Tyler himself asked Marti to hold on to."Seven years ago, we worked on "What Could Have Been Love." We had the outline for the song, and Steven "Tyler-ized" it. For seven years we didn't do anything with the song because Steven had a real attachment to it, but didn't know what he wanted to do with it. When the guys got together to record again, Steven brought the song back in to the fold and recorded it for Music from Another Dimension." Marti ended up co-writing five songs on the album and producing three songs.


What makes Marti different? Says Steven Tyler, "The rhythm and pieces and parts … the melody line … It's like when you lay a beautiful quilt on a beautiful bed. He can add to something that's there as if it's always been there. He's pretty genius like that."


Marti Frederiksen is a rare breed in the music business: a multi-talented and humble musician, whose gift lies not only in the music he creates, but in the intuitive way he knows how to work with mega stars. For Marti, there are no big egos, just collaborations waiting to happen, and amazing music waiting to be made.


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