Kiyomi McCloskey talks ‘The Real L Word,’ (@SHO_realLword) the @LGBT_News community, and Showtime. - Interview

Season 3 of Showtime's "The Real L Word" is in full swing. Kiyomi McCloskey, the Hunter Valentine front woman who represents the East, stopped by to talk about the series, her band's music, and how the LGBT community responded to the show.

Thank you, Kiyomi. How are you doing?

I am great! Very busy, but I like to keep busy.

You currently front the band, Hunter Valentine. You're also featured in the new season of Showtime's "The Real L Word." How did you get involved with this show?

Hunter Valentine was gearing up to make a new record and our agents got a call from the show's casting directors. Originally we thought that they just wanted to shoot a scene at one of our shows, but it turned out they wanted us to audition for the show as official cast members.

Although the series is labeled as a "reality show," how much reality actually deals with you, your relationships and your life?

There are no scripted parts whatsoever. The camera is with you most of the time. The busier your life is, the more they are interested in following you. Once you sign up for the show there really aren't any restrictions. You can always tell producers if you feel uncomfortable and take a minute, but ultimately they want to capture everything that you are going through.

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