Incubus HQ Live Shows an Intimate Side of the Band. – CD/DVD Review

Incubus has been around for 20 years and has built a solid fan base around seven studio albums. The band’s latest release, “If Not Now, When?” dropped 2011 and debuted at #2 on the Soundscan chart.

To celebrate the band’s release, Brandon Boyd and company arranged for a six night live performance run for Incubus fans which also broadcasted on the Internet. The result was a two CD/one DVD package of Incubus at its best.

There are actually three versions of Incubus HQ Live:

INCUBUS HQ LIVE (16-track CD + DVD, available August 14th) INCUBUS HQ LIVE SPECIAL EDITION (28-track double-CD + DVD, available August 14th) INCUBUS HQ LIVE LIMITED EDITION BOX SET (available ONLY at for a limited time).

What is neat about the live performance, specifically on the DVD, is how well the band’s relationship with its fans showed up on video. Sometimes live performances don’t translate well on video in terms of fan reaction, emotion and, in Incubus’ case, intimacy.

In between each song, fans shared their “if not now, when?” moment to each other, fans watching the concert, and more importantly, the band itself, who often showed up via interview to discuss the timing and importance of this HQ fan experience.

A lot of fans’ moments involved packing up their belongings and going cross country to witness this event. One fan even came across the ocean from the Philippines. Another involved a woman getting Incubus tattoos.

The live performance gives you an idea of how well Incubus plays live, but the purpose of the CD/DVD HQ set revolves around the band’s relationship with its fans over the last 20 years of existence. Incubus identifies their success with the fans’ support, and this intimate setting, which involved the band playing in the middle of a room surrounded by lucky fans, captures what Brandon Boyd and company represent – a band that does anything for its fans.

A couple features that made this DVD special were a contest that Incubus had where fans sang a cover of “Promises, Promises.” The winner actually got to go up and sing her version with the band. One segment included a question and answer session with members of the group. Other features introduced each member where they talked about their respective role and instrument with Incubus. At one point during the DVD, the guys switched instruments and jammed together. Boyd even played drums on a child’s drum set.

Incubus’ “if not now, when?” moment resulted in this live HQ performance. The blank canvas around the band was proof of this as Incubus allowed fans to draw pictures for, write messages to, thank, etc. the band, the music and each other. It started from a small drawing from Brandon Boyd and evolved into a collaboration from those in attendance. By the end of the DVD, the canvas was completely covered with artwork that entwined the band and its fans into one.

Incubus HQ Live portrays the band doing what it does best while thanking fans in the process. There’s a reason why they’ve been together for 20 years despite the seemingly long lapses between albums. The DVD alone is two hours of some of the best live footage caught on video. Incubus HQ Live will be available August 14, 2012.

Currently, Incubus is co-headlining the 2012 Honda Civic Tour with Linkin Park. Brandon Boyd took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the tour, amongst other things. Read the interview here: Brandon Boyd of Incubus Talks Honda Civic Tour, Music Marketing and Going Solo. - Interview

DVD Tracklisting (same for all three versions):

1. Wish You Were Here
2. Circles
3. Consequence
4. 11AM
5. Promises, Promises
6. Anna Molly
7. Rogues
8. Isadore
9. Just A Phase
10. Glass
11. In The Company Of Wolves
12. Nice to Know You
13. I Miss You
14. Pantomime
15. Megalomaniac
16. Blood On The Ground
17. Nowhere Fast
18. Adolescents
19. If Not Now, When?


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