Shirley Manson and Garbage's 'Not Your Kind of People.' - Album Review

Garbage is back with their fifth album, the first in seven years. In the nineties, the Shirley Manson led group ruled the charts with a grunge/electronic rock sound that spawned hits such as "Stupid Girl," "When I Grow Up," and "Only Happy When It Rains." The Scottish singer, Manson, was heavily embraced by the rock world to fit in where music was dominated by male vocalists such as Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain. Back then, Garbage's sound was intriguing enough to propel them into musical greatness. And being that Manson commanded her own type of presence contributed to their mystery.

Fast forward to 2012, seven years post any original music, and Garbage is attempting to sway fans' attention, once again, to a similar '90s sound that aided in their success. The first single off of "Not Your Kind of People" is "Blood for Poppies," an alternative/pop sound that sets the tone of the album. The album is filled with Garbage's trademark electronic rock, but this time around the band keeps the tracks commercial enough to get some airplay on mainstream radio. Songs such as "Control" and "Big Bright World" set up original songs like the title track, "Not Your Kind of People," a solemn ballad that fans will only hear if they own the album.

Other tracks of note are "Sugar" and "Man On a Wire," two songs that capture the true sound that Garbage represented in the nineties. Garbage doesn't do anything special on their comeback album; rather the band is set out to recapture its fans that have stayed loyal through their hiatus. Manson and company will also pick up some new fans through their commercial tracks.

"Not Your Kind of People" does exactly what it's set out to do - it keeps your attention and forces you to become a fan again. This isn't Garbage's best effort - it doesn't have to be. What it does have to be is a solid enough album to give Garbage fans that bone they've been waiting for. And that's exactly what Shirley Manson and Garbage do with "Not Your Kind of People."


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