Salvador Santana Follows in the Footsteps of His Father, Carlos Santana. – Interview

Salvador Santana is following in his legendary father’s footsteps by taking his passion for music and turning it into a lifestyle. Salvador’s music is unlike his father, Carlos,’ but there is a good chance he may achieve the same success. The musician and songwriter recently stopped by to talk about music, his father and his charities.

Q – Thank you Salvador for talking to me. How are things going?

A - It's my pleasure. Everything is going well so far, thank you for asking. Life is beautiful and I feel very grateful and blessed.

Q – Your father is the music and guitar legend, Carlos Santana. How did having a world renowned father help and/or hurt you in your journey into music?

A - Well, just like life itself there are advantages and disadvantages. I usually like to focus on the advantages. One thing’s for sure, I am the best of my mother, my father, my grandparents and all my family members past and present. I'm an ambassador of this family and of the language of music. It's up to me to show the world who I truly am as a musician and as a person.

Q – What’s the single most important thing your father taught you about the music industry?

A - Both my mother and my father always reminded me to be myself and to give my 150% absolute best with whatever I choose to do.

Q – Your new album, “Keyboard City,” is far different than your father’s genre. There’s almost an R&B/worldly aspect to it ala Wu Tang Clan and Arrested Development. How would you describe your sound for those who have yet to discover you?

A - I would describe my sound as a ‘New Blend’ of music. I take a little bit from this genre and a little of that and mix it all together to form a fusion and eclectic sound. My goal is to make music so that everyone can enjoy it, no matter what their preferences are.

Q - How did you go about developing your own style when you grew up with a father whose music was so influential in rock?

A - Well, having the pleasure of growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area I got to experience at a young age a variety of music, arts, and culture. Like my father's music who blends Rock, Latin, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, and R&B, I guess you could say it was inevitable that I'd follow and do the same thing. But one key component in creating my own sound was the ability to listen to the music I was presented, absorbing it, and then sharing it with everyone. But the difference is I'm using my own words and sound inspired by the recent events and music of my generation.

Q – What has been the fan reaction to your music thus far?

A - So far, I think people have been digging it. I simply want people to enjoy listening to my music as much as I've enjoyed creating it. That's always been one of my main goals.

Q – Who did you grow up listening to and who was the most influential?

A - Well, being a keyboardist first and for most, I'd say the great piano players of jazz music. One in particular was and is Mr. Herbie Hancock. He's probably been without question my greatest influence as a piano and keyboard player. I've had the pleasure of not only seeing him perform on numerous occasions, but have also had the honor of meeting him. He told me once that he checked out some of my most recent work and totally enjoyed it! That meant the absolute world to me and I will always remember it!

Q – “Keyboard City,” is described as “tighter and more complex” than your debut in 2008. How have you grown as an artist from when you first debuted?

A - I've certainly experienced a lot since my first album debuted in 2008. From being on tour and performing in front of different crowds and cities to writing and collaborating with a variety of amazing artists in the studio such as Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Gza from the Wu Tang Clan, Asdru Sierra from Ozomatli, and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.

Q – A percentage of the proceeds to “Keyboard City” will go to various causes. Which charities are you giving to and why did you choose these ones?

A - Absolutely! Gosh there are just so many. One very important one off the top of my head is for an all girls school/academy in beautiful Kenya. I look forward to have the opportunity to go out there and experience first hand.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit if joy."

Q – Thank you again. Good luck with everything. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Thank you. And yes! I encourage anyone and everyone to please check out There's always new and exciting stuff happening and it's a great way for fans and those that are interested to stay current and in touch with me and my endeavors.


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