Naama Kates’ ‘The Unexamined Life’ Should Be Examined Right Away. – Album Review

Naama Kates takes on the pop fused bore fest called “today’s music” by introducing an original album called, “The Unexamined Life.” Kates, who has a background in acting with roles in the TV series “NCIS” and the movie, “Stepmom,” transitions this medium by stretching it into music.

The tracks on “The Unexamined Life” play like short films with stanzas changing tempos almost like scenes in a movie. On the song, “In the Twilight,” the introduction is a piano and Kates singing a beautiful lyric which goes, “You held open the door in the twilight; You held open the door in the twilight.” It quickly changes beats as if it were a completely different song yet the same.

This is how much of the album plays – it’s filled with the right amount of jazz, non-commercial pop and that ever so important x-factor, unpredictability. The lyrics are brilliant, almost poetic to a point where they don’t sound like poems but rather life experiences told via music. The song, “Price of Company,” reminds me of a one person show with Kates standing still in the middle of the stage telling her story via lyric, only to run around frantically in disarray singing the chorus.

With the name of the album being, “The Unexamined Life,” along with the track, “When I’m Good,” whose lyrics go, “I just want you to know; Just wanted to show you, another side,” it appears that Naama Kates is subtly telling us something – that there’s a lot of great music and artists out there; you just have to look.

“The Unexamined Life” is a very artsy album but has enough commercial appeal to make some noise on music charts. Naama Kates has something good going on and if she can keep her head above water long enough for her sound to catch on, she has a legitimate chance to outlast the “one and done” media phenomenoms that are popular today.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous." Email Jason at
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