Buy Jason Tanamor's Novel 'Anonymous.' Fans of Chuck Palahniuk (@chuckpalahniuk) and Bret Easton Ellis (@BretEastonEllis) Will Find Kindred Spirit in 'Anonymous.'

The Background: 

Anonymous,” the decorated cult classic from Jason Tanamor, was inspired by Chuck Palahniuk, author of "Fight Club." “Palahniuk’s stories aren’t like ones you see every day. However, they are real stories that happen to real people. With ‘Anonymous,’ I wanted to touch on stories that happen to real people that were not only interesting, but important. This book is similar to Palahniuk in the respect that the style and themes are similar. However, it stands on its own as an entertaining and intense story,” said Tanamor.  

The Synopsis: 

Unknown is in prison for fraud. Ambiguous is in prison for murder. And Stud is in prison for, well, no one really knows for sure. To pass the time, the prisoners tell stories to each other. They do this to avoid going insane. The facts and fictions often get misconstrued with each inmate attempting to one up each other so that his story is the most dynamic of them all. Whether the story is about stalking, pedophiles or throat chlamydia, each tale plays some role in the healing process. 

When each prisoner bales the water from his toilet bowl the result is a communication system through the drainpipes. Nobody really knows who is telling the story, if the story is true and what the story actually means. The one certain is Unknown, the unofficial leader of this band of degenerates, who convinces each inmate to accept his action because the crime resulted in much needed legislation such as Amber Alert. But, as time progresses, even Unknown begins to question his stories. 

The ending will shock and surprise you; it will make you feel sorry for these prisoners.  

The Author's Take: 

"I’ve heard or read many stories in my life, ones about murderers, rapists, con artists, whatever, and it seems that there is always one common link among them – that they never seem to fit the profile by everyday people. Whenever a murderer is being hauled away by the police, neighbors interviewed always say the same thing, “He was always so nice. This doesn’t seem like him.” So, I thought I would write a book about these types of people – ordinary folks who do things that you would never accuse them of doing – which probably feeds into why innocent bystanders get duped or conned by them. It’s titled “Anonymous” because of just that, “I was conned by an ordinary, average looking person,” said Tanamor. 

"People with messed up lives inspire me. They make me feel like my life is normal. I wanted to write a book with stories that people like to hear, but don’t necessarily like to tell," said Tanamor.  

 The Praise for Anonymous: 

"Anonymous is one of those margin hugging novels that toes the line between a dark, edgy, cult gem and a commercial bestseller, and should satisfy aficionados of both." - Book Knurd 

"...there are moments of great humor and swaths of excellent storytelling that make the book a fun read..." - Mark J. Lehman, Amazon Reviews 

“…reveling in the vagaries of unreliable narration, Tanamor proves himself a master of the existential mystery: the question is never whodunit, but who is the ‘who,’ and how do we know that the ‘it’ ever really got done?” – Small Press Reviews 

"A good fun read, short and sweet; these characters and their stories will stay with you!" - Brett Starr, Amazon Reviews 

"Anonymous is a nice surprise, worth reading for those into slightly experimental fiction..." - Richard Stoehr, Amazon Reviews 

“Reading Anonymous is like taking an audio tour of a high security jail, the tales told will shock, challenge and amuse in equal measure. Tanamor has a gift for skimming the scum from the top of a boiling pot of rancid emotion and making you taste it..” – Matt Adcock, Dark Matters Reviews  

The Book Info: 

List Price: $12.95 
5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm) 
Black & White on White paper 
210 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1434838285 
ISBN-10: 1434838285 
BISAC: Fiction / Horror 

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