Margaret Cho Returns To 'Drop Dead Diva' and '30 Rock.''

Margaret Cho is gearing up for one of her busiest year's yet.  On tap for 2012 is Cho's return to Lifetime Television's Drop Dead Diva, premiering June 3rd, a reprise of her role as Kim Jong Il on NBC's Season Finale of 30 Rock, a hosting gig on her new show airing on the Food Network this fall, a brand new summer tour of intimate venues beginning August 11th in P-Town, Cape Cod and various other TV appearances.

Cho is back as "Teri" on the dramedy hit show Drop Dead Diva, now entering its fourth season.   Drop Dead Diva is not only beloved on Lifetime, but by the many stars who have queued up to guest on the show, including Paula Abdul, Wanda Sykes, Rosie O'Donnell, Vivica Fox and Cybil Shepard.  Season four's line-up includes Brandy Norwood, Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and John Ratzenberger among many other surprises.

In addition to Diva, Cho is set to appear on 30 Rock's May 17 episode as well as the Season Finale, bringing back her hilarious gender-bending interpretation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.   Cho-as-Il kidnapped Jack Donaghy's (Alec Baldwin) new wife Avery (Elizabeth Banks), and seems to have made her his First Lady. How this will play out since the real-life dictator's demise last December is anyone's guess, but look for Cho to play TWO characters in the same episode.

Margaret is also confirmed to make guest appearances on CNN Showbiz Tonight, Monday, May 28, Watch What Happen's Live with Andy Cohen on May 29, The View on June 1, Chelsea Lately on June 4 and The Talk on July 30.

Along with her acting roles, Margaret can be seen as host on the upcoming reality show Blind Dinner Party, airing this fall on the Food Network. Seven strangers, from totally different backgrounds, with very dissimilar views, come together to dine at what can best be described as the most dysfunctional family dinner you've ever seen. Margaret mediates this experiment where viewers will find out if food can become a common denominator amongst very diverse people.

Not one to idle, Margaret is going to be kicking off her brand-new stand up show bringing audiences her unflinching brand of comedy called MOTHERMOTHER offers up an untraditional look at motherhood and how we look at maternal figures and strong women in queer culture.  It's probably her edgiest show to date, filled with riotous observations on race, drugs, sexuality – gay-straight-everything in between, celebrity, culture, politics – nothing is sacred-least of all this MOTHER.

MOTHER will be an intimate club & theatre tour beginning in August.  First stop: The Art House in Provincetown, for a weeklong stint of up close and personal shows.  The tour will continue into the fall, with all dates posted on

Also on are the most sincere, fiery and laugh-out-loud funny blogs you will find on the Internet. A must-read not only on her website, but as a three times weekly download from the Kindle Store, readers find out a lot about what's going on in the mind of Margaret Cho via her insightful blog posts. Her blogs are not only funny, but also smart and perceptive. Download them here: and here:

If you still need a little more Margaret to get through the hot summer months, don't forget to check out her latest DVD Cho Dependent .  Written, directed and produced by Margaret, Cho Dependent is her 6th live concert DVD. Shot at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, the DVD shares the same name as her Grammy nominated comedy album. The Cho Dependent DVD features songs from the album interwoven into the thought provoking stories she tells.

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