Disfiguring the Goddess – Korn’s “Path of Totality” is a Major Foot Step for Electronic Music and Rock as One! - Interview

Last year at Warped Tour Jason and I talked with this kid/artist named Big Chocolate who literally was the talk of Warped Tour. The Devil Wears Prada, Relient K and Simple Plan were there just to name a few and all anybody was talking about is Big Chocolate. Now this dude has a death metal project called Disfiguring the Goddess. This guys a genius and an innovator and he's all of 21 years old. Check out the interview here.

Zoiks! (Z!): I saw you last year during the Warped Tour and you got a lot of people talking with your performance. Now you’re back with new music from Disfiguring the Goddess, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Disfiguring the Goddess (DTG): HAHA! Basically it's the exact opposite what people were saying about me at Warped Tour. Big Chocolate solo is an electronic dance producer/performer. Discovering The Goddess is a solo one man death metal band. I do them both in the same way though. On my mac.

Z!: On the surface it seems like electronic dance music/electronica/dubstep etc don't mix with metal, but if you take a step back the electronica/dubstep thing is actually really heavy and mixes quite well. How did you come across both metal and electronic music and then what lead to you mixing them?

DTG: I actually used metal / electronicmusic as a way to halfway attempt at producing dubstep/drum and bass in the early days under a project called Commissioner. So actually my first real foot in the door of heavy bass music was a hybrid. Haha!

Z!: What did you think of Korn's attempt at combining dubstep and their sound?

DTG: It's pretty good. I think they gave away too much Korn in order to make it more 'dubstep' though. I would like to hear a heavier Korn presence in those tracks, but still. It's a major foot step for electronic music and rock/metal as one.

Z!: Can you tell us a little bit about your writing and recording process?

DTG: I use Superior 2.0 for drums. Program out some drum patterns. Riff on them for a few minutes. Record. Done. Very simple, very fast, very effective!

Z!: You're really young, but you've also really created a lot of buzz around yourself. For young people looking to work in this business full time, what advice would you have for them?

DTG: Do it because you love it above all. Sounds dumb and cliché but it's true. Be smart and have common sense. AKA don't sign the first record deal that plops on your lap. I'm still unsigned!

Z!: Can you remember your first or favorite live experience as a fan and how that affected you?

DTG: BB King was my first live experience; first live show I went that I really wanted to go to was a Meshuggah show. Loved both! STILL LOVE MESHUGGAH.

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