Kevin Smith’s "Tough Shit" was Soft and Comfortable – Book Review

I’m not saying Kevin Smith is soft, I was just trying to make a shit joke…I apologize for coming up short. I am one of the millions of loyal Kevin Smith followers. I am one of the many reasons why every single thing he has done was profitable. I’ve seen all the "Evening With" performances, read all of his books, listened all of the commentary tracks, and listen regularly to his Smodcast network. Needless to say I’ve heard a couple of stories more than once, even with in "Tough Shit," Kev’s new book. Every time I hear him tell a story, even if I heard him tell it before, it seems fresh.

"Tough Shit’s" theme is that we’re all winners, we’ve all made it. He strips our lives, our successes and our problems all the way down to cum. We all won already, we made it to the egg, and everything else is just gravy. Most of us aren’t going to make it to Kevin Smith’s status and he’s fully aware of that, but why not try? The odds of him making a career as a filmmaker were stacked against him, but he tried. Contrary to what you may have read online, Kevin Smith is about encouragement and inspiration, he’s not mean spirited. There is a whole chapter on Bruce Willis and how disappointing the experience was with Bruce on "Cop Out." He’s words aren’t mean spirited, it’s not about him hating Bruce Willis, it’s about his experience with almost a child hood idol being disappointing.

I really enjoyed reading "Tough Shit." I read it in about two days and I’m a slow reader. It was entertaining. In a world full of people who don’t get it, he gets it. Listening to him write about Harvey Weinstein is a very interesting read. Harvey was essentially the hand that fed. Reading about the last time the spoke, you could almost feel the pain in his words. Harvey Weinstein taught and inspired Kevin so much so that he named his production company for "Red State" Harvey’s Boys. The Weinstein’s did such a good job changing the game that once they made their mark, they kind of joined the mainstream. Kevin Smith realized that he was happier else where.

While we like to pretend "Zoiks Online" is an online magazine…and we do our best to make it that, but it’s really more or less a blog. As a blogger I know what it takes to get traffic to your site. We’ve played with headlines to attract people through Google alerts. One way to generate traffic is by being a dick. It’s easy to hate on any and every thing. Kevin Smith and the fact that he is so accessible to his audience has been a popular target in the blogger world, but Kevin inspired me to take a new approach. When he made critics pay to see "Red State," it made sense to me. When he said why let these people who aren’t going to like my movie see it for free when I have an audience that’s dying to see and willing to pay to see it.

A lot of bloggers and critics twisted his words and made him seem like a baby, but when I heard him say that, it made sense to me. I primarily review music. I’m a hard rock/heavy metal fan. There’s a lot of music I don’t like, but you might like it. I get this music for free, so rather than critique the albums that I’m not a fan of, I try to write my review for people that I think will like the music. That way I’m sharing other art, rather than dismissing it. To be honest it’s made me a more positive person over all. Thanks Kevin Smith.


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