Bohème Talks Music, Antigone Rising, and Steve Perry From Journey. - Interview

“Follow The Freedom” is the debut album by Bohème, a name taken by Cassidy Catanzaro, formerly of Antigone Rising. She recently stopped by to talk about her new project.

Q – Most people know you as Cassidy Catanzaro - singer/songwriter for the band Antigone Rising (AR) - but now you’re making a name for yourself as Bohème. First of all, why did you decide to leave Antigone?

A - I felt I had taken that as far as it would go. They brought me in to write songs for them because they wanted a record deal and I did that. But ultimately we weren't heading in the same direction. I learned a ton about myself and the business being there though and I wish them well.

Q – Second, where did the name Bohème come from?

A - I'm a hippie. Always have been...the Bohemian lifestyle describes my life to T. Like-minded people trading ideas usually to do with art and spirit and universal law. Wanderers, musicians...people who create family through community and not necessarily blood line. So when the time came, and I realized that Cassidy the rapper had pretty much locked in my name...Bohème made sense. My history and the message of the music all fall in line with that ethos.

Q – After you left AR, you dabbled in acting and writing. Why the break in between music projects?

A - I needed a minute to regroup. We played 250 shows a year for the first 5 years of AR and then for 3 years played politics in a failing industry. I was going back to acting, writing, school...I was done with being a recording artist I thought. But the gods had another plan for me. I didn't exactly chose this life, it chose me and I can't really breathe unless I'm doing this so...once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I put my big girl panties back on and got back in the game.

Q – I listened to your solo album, “Follow The Freedom,” and really fell in love with the sound. There is a lot more soul and your vocal range is more prevalent than what fans were used to during your tenure with AR. How would you describe your sound and music?

A - Thank you so much. It was super important this time around that I be 100% true to myself and make the music that was in my heart. I was beyond lucky to have an opportunity to do it on my own terms outside of the label system so I jumped at the chance. I'm a kid who listened to the radio in the 80's and 90's. That's the music that I love the most. And my Mom is a lover of classic rock and that's all I heard growing up. So when I started writing and singing for Follow The Freedom it felt totally natural and the sound was easy to come by.

Q – A pleasant surprise on “Follow The Freedom” is former Journey front man, Steve Perry, who sings back up on the song with the same name. First of all, did he go into a rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing?” because that would be tight. Secondly, how was working with the music legend?

A - LOL! I imagine if at any point “Don't Stop Believing” got involved I may have lost my cool completely. I'm a fan. I sang my head off to those records...I still have the vinyl that was next to my Mom's stereo in the living room. I found him to be generous, and funny and complimentary. Working with him was a dream I didn't even dare admit I sometimes you get things in life you wouldn't have the nerve to ask for.

Q – What song(s) are your favorite on the album and why?

A - The single “Blind Spot” is one of my faves because I fancy myself a bit of a rapper you see. I also love “Even The Mistakes” because of the disco wink and “Undertow” because of the sentiment. But I think “Thank You For Breaking My Heart” is the one where my fans will know for sure it's me.

Q – Who are your musical influences and which influence had the biggest impact on you and why?

A - Steve Perry, Annie Lennox, Pat Benatar and Eddie Vedder. Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, Little River Band. The most impact I'm not sure. Probably Eddie Vedder...mainly because I was going to be an actor in Hollywood when I first heard his voice and I decided at that moment I wanted to be in a band. He changed the direction of my life....thanks a lot dude.

Q - Finally, will you ever re-join Antigone Rising or sing with the band ever again?

A - I'd never say never, but not likely.

Q – Thanks for taking the time. Is there anything you wanted to add?

A - Follow me on Twitter! And thank you for taking the time also. :)

Boheme – Even The Mistakes

Boheme – Blind Spot



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