Janus’ “Nox Aeris” Might Be the Break Out Album They’ve Waiting 15 Years For – Album Review

Janus is a band that’s kind of popular, but they can never seem to get to that next level of popularity. They’re so close. I think “Nox Aeris” is the album to bump them to that next level. In 2010 I claimed that Ten Year’s album “Feeding the Wolves” was the best album of 2010. “Nox Aeris” reminds me a lot of that album. I thought “Feeding the Wovles” was going to be a huge album for Ten Years, it was a good album for them, but are they any bigger than they were? I don’t know. That said, I think “Nox Aeris” has the potential to be that break through album Janus has been waiting for.

If Chevelle and Ten Years had an electronic baby, it’d be Janus. The three bands share a lot of the same influences. Janus has a more electronic element to them than Chevelle and Ten Years. “Nox Aeris” is beginning to end a solid album. I don’t really think they can go wrong picking a radio single. It’s a fairly diverse album ranging for pretty heavy songs to slower more melodic songs. I know that it’ll definitely remain in my iPod for months/years to come.

I definitely recommend Janus’ “Nox Aeris” to those into the hard rock bands of the late 90’s early 2000’s, Disturbed, Chevelle, Ten Years, Sevendust, Korn, Godsmack etc. If you’re into that sound then Janus is for you. I’m excited to see these guys finally achieve the success they deserve.


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