Hollow Earth to Release 'We Are Not Humanity.'

Hollow Earth was a thought between members Mike Moynihan (Guitar)
Steve Muczynski (Vocals) and Aaron Goodrich (Drums) during their stint
of touring with legendary hardcore band Shai Hulud during November

One year later, almost to the date, the three friends decided to take
that thought more seriously. Rearranging their lives so they would be
in the same location in Michigan, the members moved in together and
put things in motion to become a real band. Their objective with
Hollow Earth was to write sincere music and begin touring as much as

Quickly recruiting Dave Giandiletti (Guitar) and Jake Hicks (Bass) to
complete the line up they wrote a six song EP entitled "We Are Not
Humanity" within the two and half months of their inception and headed
off to record at Getaway Group in Massachusetts with Jay Maas
(Defeater, Verse, Shipwreck).

On "We Are Not Humanity", Hollow Earth draws on the influence of
legendary bands like Turmoil and Buried Alive, capturing the energy
and anger of hardcore that has been lost on so many new bands. Hollow
Earth's lyrics are dark with thought provoking premonitions that paint
a picture of impending doom that threatens the human existence. Riding
into our demise, there's no turning back, the decimation of our world
is eminent and Hollow Earth is the perfect soundtrack to play us out.
"We Are Not Humanity" will be released on April 17th, 2012 through
Panic Records on CD, Vinyl and Digital formats.

Listen to two new songs from "We Are Not Humanity" now on Hollow
Earth's Facebook page.

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