Hell&Lula Set to Hit the West Coast with Adrenaline Rush Tour.

Electrifying indie-rock group Hell&Lula is ready to take the West Coast by storm with their upcoming gigs as part of the Adrenaline Rush Tour starting April 4th in Flagstaff, Arizona and extending until late April. The four-piece fireball will share the stage with Fort Worth rock band, Sonar Lights. The bands will be hitting major cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.

Although their music has the cohesiveness of a seasoned band, Hell&Lula was only formed two years ago. Programmer/writer/guitarist, Devon Culiner, and vocalist, MAK, met in 2009 during their collaboration on the song "Set The World on Fire," the first single off their debut EP Catch Up!!! Catch Up!!! They later teamed up with band mates Alex Vega (drums) and Russell Henson (bass/synths) to release Catch Up!!! Catch Up!!! and are currently finishing their second EP, Fermi's Paradox. Laced with catchy pop choruses, conceptual lyrics and captivating electro-dance beats, the band's music is proving to be a catapult for their budding buzz and popularity. Hell&Lula have toured the Southwestern U.S. twice, showcased at SXSW 2011, and played shows with the likes of well-known acts such as Friendly Fires, Foster the People, and Matt & Kim. Currently signed to MTV's HYPE Music, the band's catalog has been featured on several hit shows such as MTV's Jersey Shore, Real World and VH1's iHeartRadio Festival.

As if Hell&Lula's rock-star appeal was not enough to impress, they are also advocates of the Earth on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint. The environmental activists have recently converted their "Cool Bus" (the school bus they tour /live in) from running on diesel fuel to waste vegetable oil (WVO), thanks to recent contributions from fans as part of their Pledge Music Campaign. Restaurants along the West Coast will be donating their used veggie oil to Hell&Lula to support the cause. The band will also be selling whistles for Falling Whistles, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the war in the Congo. In addition to these efforts, the quartet is also reducing through their Recycled Merchandise Program, in which fans can purchase one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly items.

With an unforgiving energy and passion for their music, society and the environment, Hell&Lula are destined to win over dance floors and living rooms everywhere. Check out their music and updated list of tour dates on their website.

To take part of the band's Pledge Music campaign, click here.

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